Coffee Break - November 15, 2020

  • S02E08
  • November 15, 2020

We get to catch up with Sasha this week and she shows off the renovations on her house and the gorgeous views. Her hubby catches fish that almost literally jump out of the sea. Solbu explains the ins and outs of running your own mail server and bp9 definitely wants to pick his brains some more about that. Peter is still having issues with his ham radio antenna and keeps dropping UK-local jokes. Sadly, Doug has lost one of his cats, but still has one. bp9 is joined by Sasha, Peter, Doug, and Solbu.

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Topics Discussed:

- Didn't get to show off any of his stuff :-)
- Misses falling asleep to the the sound of the surf
- Doesn't mind living further inland with all the hurricanes and tornadoes
- Is happy to let other people do the hunting, cleaning, and butchering LOL
- Enjoys roasting veggies (bell pepper, mushrooms, cucumber) in olive oil and balsamic vineger
- Figured out that a home-built high performance AMD Athlon machine is shutting down because the thermal paste between the processor and the heat sink has dried out
- Explains how internet provider modems expose any machine internal to your network, to the internet.

- Gives us a great tour of her house now that Winter is starting to make itself felt.
- GORGEOUS views from her windows.
- Not many icebergs or growlers yet even though they are in iceberg alley
- We think a growler (smaller iceberg) took down the Titanic
- Lots of whales (and sharks)
- Hunting license needed for Moose
- No hunting license need for rabbits (because they breed like rabbits :-)
- No hunting license need for fish - 5 fish three times a week and David can get that in an hour.
- Makes soap in a crockpot -- let's hope she doesn't mix that one up with the food-cooking crockpot :-)
- The renovations for Winter have been moving along
- Nice new wood stove.
- Kitchen electrical issues fixed and plaster all replaced.
- Shows off her dinner for tonight -- veggie burger
- Is all "swiss chard"-ed out after getting a gift of two big loads of chard from a friend

- Likes to drop UK-local jokes
- Is still having issues with his ham radio antenna -- the winch that brings the tower up and down is broken.
- His new Amateur Radio HF/shortwave antenna:
- Calls veggie burgers "not real food"

- Has lost one of his kitties, leaving one still to keep him company.

- Has been re-building new computers since at least one has a really noisy fan
- Runs his own mail server at the house and explains the issues that can arise from that.
- Had to enable a specific setting to allow other machines to send mail on his behalf -- if not, GMAIL would put all his email into Junk folders.
- It turns out you don't need an always-on connection since most mail servers will keep trying for five days by default before failing
- likes dumb phones, not smart phones
- His Dad was a very active ham radio operator 30 years ago and he relates the story of his ham radio antenna being destroyed by a snow-blower...!

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