Coffee Break - February 14, 2021

  • S02E19
  • February 14, 2021

Peter describes how he wants to process his voice in real time to soften the waveform. Solbu waits for pizza because his car won't start. Also SSL/TLS woes on old Mumble server. Doug's laptop fan needs replacing. Robbie has a Cat5TV episode to help with that. bp9 shows off his Pinephone with Arch Linux, having tried UBPorts and Mobian with various levels of success. It's a Linux box!

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- Had some trouble with video
- Is trying out an alternative voice
- Peter's voice with the valve in, generates a very distorted voice which is not friendly to recordings.
- Peter's valve contains what amounts to a rubber band which vibrates to produce voice just like your vocal cords do.
- Would like to process his voice in real-time to soften the waveform and make it more pleasant to listen to.
- Would like to do this in real time in hardware.
- Similar to noise cancelling headset, there will always be a delay because it will take a finite amount of time to listen to the noise, process it and speak it back out again.
- Will likely need an operation on his hands to relieve pain in his fingers.
- Reminisces about where he used to live and how cold, wet and bleak the weather gets.
- Fahrenheit died many years ago from mushroom poisoning

- Is waiting for pizza
- Also has car problems... it won't start, even after charging the battery after 4 hours.
- Turns out the starter has failed. $600 bill to replace it!
- Describes how his video server running mumble failed due to old TLS/SSL encryption protocols being disabled.

- His laptop is failing due to a bad fan.
- bp9 points him to Robbie's episode 473 where he replaced a laptop fan, and found a screw in the old one!

- We do Brady Bunch LOL.
- Cars are very hard to start when the engine has been sitting overnight and is cold-soaked.
- Shows off his pinephone UBports edition
- Didn't like UBPorts because it hides a lot of stuff from the user. Good for folks moving from Androind or IOS.
- Installed mobian by initially booting it from SD card (which takes priority over interal SMMC).
- Runs slow from SD card but functionality is much improved, so installed on EMMC.
- Can make and take phone calls, can send and receive SMS text.
- Saw lots of references to "Oh BTW, I use Arch linux", so decided to try that.
- Now it wakes up the phone on incoming call and responds! mobian and UBPorts do not do that.
- mobian and Arch will shut down cell and wifi radios when going to sleep. This helps enormously with battery life.
- Has a USB-C dock on the way which should allow for it to be charged, while using it as a regular linux PC with a keyboard, mouse and HDMI display attached.
- Performance should be similar to the original Pinebook laptop (not pinebook pro) so not a powerhouse, but should be usable.
- Points out how all the videos bp9 has seen so far do not address the display resolution settings.
- In settings, select Display, then select 100% resolution. This allows for applications to run in full-size screen, although the buttons are very small -- you need very small fingers to push the teeny tiny buttons LOL


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