Coffee Break - March 7, 2021

  • S02E22
  • March 7, 2021

bp9 has issues with his phone, sorry about choppy video/audio. Robbie is here! He had some issues with the studio software upgrade but is pushing through to produce more video. Welcome to Dave Hodson (GeezerGeek on YouTube) who joins us for the first time. Marshman puts our favorite zoom background up. We marvel at how he gets 10,000+ steps in most days! Solbu points out the Linux kernel severe bug. Doug continues to have problems setting up his Raspberry Pi. Peter says England and Ireland might be opening up again in April and mentions hard disk prices that have skyrocketed. bp9 is joined by Robbie Ferguson, Marshman, Dave Hodsdon, Doug Townsend, Peter Lewis and Solbu.

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Robbie's Date Fixer for Linux:



Linux Kernel Critical Bug:

Topics Discussed:

- Upgrades did not go quite so well, having issues with his editing software
- Describes his Pinebook Pro + HDMI screen, driven via USB-C.
- Clarifies that he is producing his 4K video on his main machine by remoting in from his Pinebook Pro.
- BaldNerd is so happy that the technology exists to support the "new normal".
- has used a bluetooth mask but otherwise they are pretty basic.

Dave Hodsdon
- GeezerGeek on YouTube to help folks out with tech topics.
- Covers Windows, Ubuntu, hardware, all kinds of topics.
- Is a pastor at his church
- Has built a recording appliance that his pianist can just push a button, record the music and push a button to stop the recording. Then he collects the recording to post-process it later.
- bp9 does coffee break the same way.
- zoom is very handy for virtual meetings, etc.

- knows how to handle the mute button :-)
- gets teased for his jellyfish background, so he swaps it for the ever-persistent bird at the beach :-)
- Notes that some folks wear full masks with a clear window built in so that folks who are hard of hearing or deaf can still interpret what they are saying (especially useful in a doctors office)
- describes how he gets 10,000 steps a day just by walking all around New York City because he avoids bus, train, and taxi at all costs.

- It's the beard convention :-)
- having issues with his phone. Maybe factory reset is needed.
- USB-C interface in his pinephone will not activate his USB-C adapter.
- Notes that he may be going deaf; hasn't realized how much he depends on watching mouth movements to see what people are saying; a mask makes that very difficult.
- Used to walk from one end of Melbourne, Australia Central Business District (CBD) in about 30 minutes. Same for North end to South End.

- notes that his church is starting to conduct services in person again. Same for Doug's church.
- points out there is a severe bug in the linux kernel for a release candidate of v5.12 that corrupts the root filesystem if you have a swap file, not a swap partition.
- release candidates typically do not appear in the development or stable branches of any distro.

- is still having problems with SSH keys on his RasPi
- He cannot get WiFi to connect
- BaldNerd thinks SSH keys won't be valid of linux date and time is not set correctly.
- bp9 thinks it's SSL certs that would be impacted by that, not SSH keys?
- In any case, try setting the time manually first, then use NTP (Network Time Protocol) to keep the time in sync.
- Bald Nerd remonds us that although the command is 'date', there is syntax.
- Is still trying to get widevine to load in Raspian, and then Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi
- We think Doug just folds his beard up to make a mask LOL

- had his first COVID injection Wednesday and had some side-effects, but improved after one day.
- England and Ireland may be opening up again in April.
- Is still having trouble getting electronic parts in, makes it difficult to repair components.
- Laments that an article in a well-known electronics magazine features a circuit that is completely wrong.
- Peter's wife's computer has failed; prices for hard drives and SSDs have skyrocketed at least three times normal price.


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