Coffee Break - March 14, 2021

  • S02E23
  • March 14, 2021

bp9 is all wide-screen with his new setup, and annoys Solbu because it runs Win10. Unfortunately the laptop BIOS does not recognize bp9's SATA SSD. bp9 and Solbu discuss implementing mail servers. Expect to take a year or so to learn how it works. Lots of discussion about old storage media and formatted vs. state capacity. Doug's RasPi saga continues. He thinks his SD card has failed and is waiting for a new one. bp9 is joined by Doug and Solbu. We all miss Peter.

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- Is trying out a new setup with a laptop now, instead of the phone.
- It looks like audio and video is much better now -- super wide screen!
- next week bp9 will try the bird at the beach background :-)
- Tried transplanting a known good SATA SSD into the new laptop but BIOS does not recognize it.
- Gives Solbu a hard time about Win10 :-)
- bp9 doesn't usually like Windows but if that's the only OS that will run software that he needs to run, then not much choice.
- Shows off his various old crusty tapes and 3.5in floppy disks.
- bp9 still has the media but probably no more drives to read them with!
- Discusses mail servers with Solbu. There is a lot to it - expect to spend about a year to understand how it works.

- Does the BIOS disable any secondary drive?
- Had a similar BIOS not recognizing drive 15 years ago... not sure if that applies today :-)
- Can bp9 boot from a live CD? Maybe via USB?
- Has bp9 disabled Secure Boot?
- Relates the story of Stallmans opinion on Secure Boot. He would only like to use it to prevent Windows from booting :-)
- Even an SD card will appear with linux command 'lsblk'
- We discuss formatted capacity of drives vs. stated capacity.
- Helping his friend upgrade his NexCloud instance on a virtual server in a data center.
- The virtual server is running on their own hardware, installed in a data center.
- They had lots of IP addresses and hostnames that were English and Norwegian curse words LOL
- Uses postfix for exchanging mail with other mail servers.
- Uses DoveCot for POP3 mailbox to retieve mail.
- You must have a valid, public certificate for it to work; he uses Let's Encrypt.

- Is BIOS on new machine updated?
- The saga of his RasPi continues... he thinks his SD card is toast now.
- He threw the card away before using fdisk or any utility to verify the size or condition of the card.
- Fake SD cards from amazon or ebay are bad for only being a fraction of the stated size. There's a utility for testing the SD-card.
- Now he's waiting for a new SD card.
- Reminisces about old-time cassette tapes that he used for his Atari computer.
- Alexa jumps in to help him out again, and Doug has to issue some stern words to put her back in line. :-)


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