Coffee Break - March 21, 2021

  • S02E24
  • March 21, 2021

Happy belated pi day. Today we welcome Brian Murray from Scotland to the coffee break! He's a long-time listener and apple user converted back to open source and Linux. bp9 is still dealing with his new laptop BIOS not recognizing his SATA drive. Doug is still having issues with ubuntu on his RasPi. Time to get an ODROID-XU4 from ameriDroid! Peter notes that bp9's audio turns into a Dalek every now and again; must be bandwidth issues. Solbu planned for a reboot at 888 days after a kernel upgrade but data center had outage at 886 days :-)

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Topics Discussed:

- Happy (belated) PI Day!
- Still having issues with his brand new Dell Laptop BIOS not recognizing his SATA drive.
- laptop will spin up the spinning SATA drive, no worries!
- Both spinning and SSD SATA drives do work in other laptops.
- Cannot get part number for SATA cable because laptop is too new yet.
- Welcomes new participant Brian Murray.
- bp9 likes Xubuntu because XFCE is supplied by default.
- Has seen longest uptime 300 days, but some distros need updates and reboots.
- Next coffee break will be at 5PM GMT because Europe switches to daylight savings time next week.

- Louis Rossmann talks about what it takes to repair (apple) laptops
- they must open the laptop before they can tell you how long it would take to repair.
- Had longest uptime 895 days
- Had planned a reboot at 888 days after kernel update but data center had power outage at 886 days!

- Continuing saga of RasPi running Ubuntu MATE and Linux Mint.
- He can run Raspbian but then his Chrome browser will not update.
- He cannot run other distros reliably.
- Maybe time for another type of SBC? Maybe XU4? Talk to Bo at ameriDroid!

- Notes that bp9s audio turns into a Dalek every now and again. Banddwidth issues?
- Likes Linux Mint on his older PC that was previously running Win7
- Having issues with an electronic part that he bought through amazon.
- He has surface mount parts that he has to solder in and is not confident (neither is bp9)
- Wants to know about I2C to connect to another peripheral.
- bp9 has used it a bit on an Arduino. Check out Adafruit for libraries.

Brian Murray
- From Scotland
- Zoom won't work on his desktop, so he's using his phone.
- He missed last week because we sprang forward into Daylight Savings in USA.
- Europe springs forward next week, so Coffee Break starts at 5PM GMT next week.
- Has been watching Category5 Technology TV since 2008.
- Likes Linux Mint for Cinnamon window manager, but he thinks NVIDIA drivers are locking up his machine.
- Likes long uptimes; 30 days continuous run time is very common for him.
- Linux mint is running 80 days so far and uses apt because it is ubuntu and therefore Debian based.
- Since 2011-2018 has been an Apple/iOS user, but likes open source better.
- Apple stuff is expensive and you're sending all your data to Apple.


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