Coffee Break - March 28, 2021

  • S02E25
  • March 28, 2021

bp9 is back on his phone but different headset because there is nowhere to plug in his regular headset. The laptop is on its way back to Dell after much messing around with support. We sing Happy Birthday to Peter since Solbu notes the copyright is lapsed now. GeezerGeek is very busy for Easter, being a Pastor. Stormy is building an Android app that is like taskwarrior and timewarrior for a college project. Solbu and bp9 talk about postfix and dovecot. Peter is fixing faults on RF synthesizer board. bp9 is joined by Solbu, Doug, Peter, Brian Murray, GeezerGeek and Stormy.

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Topics Discussed:

- Is back on a phone with bluetooth headset because there is nowhere to plug in a headset!
- Had planned to install a 1Tb in the new Dell laptop, and turned on the machine to verify all was OK before doing that. It would not start. No power light, no screen no nothing.
- After many bad words, bp9 packed up the laptop and sent it back to Dell for a refund.
- Refund requires customer number which comes in a confirmation email that bp9 never got... so he threatened to send it back anyway, using the date of the email as the basis for the refund, and suddenly the Customer Number magically came available.
- bp9 suspects the support folks were just going to wait him out and let the 30-day return period run out.
- Access to a generator is a wonderful thing to keep fridge and freezer cold.
- Thanks to Solbu for smiley dog picture on Discord :-)

- Notes that the copyright on Happy Birthday is lapsed since 2017.
- bp9 and Solbu chat about local mail server configuration: postfix and dovecot for local email only. There are a lot of moving parts!!!
- bp9 will hit up Solbu separately to chat about his desired setup: Strictly local IMAP for all email addresses so that any client can get the full set of emails, not just the ones that happen to still be on the POP server until the main client pulls and deletes them :-)

- Found a version of android to load on his RasPi.
- Different problems with various applications.
- Ordered an X4U

- Has found a fault in a new RF synthesizer board
- Wants to send it back, but support is giving him the run-around.
- Performed some troubleshooting and found a surface mount transistor that kept blowing up.
- Installed a new transistor and the board blew it up right away.
- Peter ended up installing a capacitor on series on the input of the power transistor to reduce the bias and protect the transistor.
- The support folks will only give him 50% back, not full price.
- This is not his voice synthesizer project, it's a different board.
- It is Peter's birthday today so we sung him Happy Birthday because the copyright is lapsed.
- His wife's birthday is tomorrow.

Brian Murray
- From Scotland
- Thinks he needs to log into zoom to participate in coffee break -- not true!
- If you sign into a service with your PC, it may not work from your phone, especially if you use a really long complex password.
- Zoom remembers your user name and meeting number from last week, but not your pass code.
- Used to have a problem with his webcam, and bp9 had a similar problem. Lights are on but nobody is home!

- No camera or audio (yet :-)
- As a church pastor, he is very busy at this time of year for Easter.
- We all admire his background, which comes from pixabay.
- Notes that the pin-out on the M.2 SSD is different for NVME and SATA, so only the correct type will fit.
- bp9's suggestion of using a hammer to tap it in probably won't work :-)

- No camera (yet :-)
- Background looks nice!
- Is developing an android app in C++ : TODO plus time management.
- bp9 points him to taskwarrior and timewarrior.
- Offered up the idea of rescheduling the coffee break. Robbie can only do one a week, so rescheduling is possible.


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