Coffee Break - April 4, 2021

  • S02E26
  • April 4, 2021

bp9 has the gear to program his pinetime but hasn't done it yet. bp9 and Sulbu discuss postfix, dovecot and email in general. EMMC is in bp9s desktop machine now but linux doesn't see it due to BIOS config being RAID, not AHCI. Dougs X4U is on its way! Brian Murray describes ETESYNC, a CardDav and CalDav server. Peter fixed the faulty board that the supplier will not refund his money for. bp9 is joined by Solbu, Doug, Brian Murray, Stormy, and Peter.

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Relevant Links:

- - InfiniTime firmware for Pinetime
- - your source for all things SBC (single board computer)
- - caldav and carddav server
- - TWiT FLOSS episode: EYESTYNC
- - DaviCal, a free/open source caldav and carddav server

Topics Discussed:

- Shows off his pogo pins to program his pinetime... although he hasn't actually done anything with them yet :-)
- The pinetime is bricked until he programs it. It is unlocked, so it is ready to program. Will likely put infinitime on it.
- Has made some progress with postfix and dovecot but is getting frustrated. They will not agree on where mail should be stored.
- At work he uses outlook, which just syncs to the company mail server. Remember: There is NO expectation of privacy on a company-issued machine!
- Returned his laptop and got his money back so all is well there.
- The EMMC that was destined for that laptop is now in his main desktop machine but linux cannot see it because the BOIS is configured to use RAID, not AHCI. To fix, he must go through specific steps in windows to load AHCI drivers before he switches the BIOS or otherwise he bricks his Win10 install.
- Whatever your CardDav/CalDav solution is, make sure your data is safe.

- Remembers that he had a story to relate but has forgotten what it was :-)
- Agrees with bp9 that Maildir/ format is better than mbox format.
- postfix only puts mail somewhere.
- dovecot only refers to that location to show to IMAP clients.
- Recommends bp9 write a strongly worded letter to his email server, but bp9 is afraid the spam filter will catch it for excessive swearwords :-)
- Relates the story of his "old man" (Dad?) who is retired, but his company still pays him to maintain an old unix system. He still has all his emails from 1990 when he first started on email.
- If company email system changes then he will not check email on the new system until all his old email is imported into the new client.
- Thinks that if your drive is formatted with a BIOS set for RAID, then it will never be readable with AHCI. bp9 says his SATA drive was readable no problems.

- Is waiting on his X4U from ameridroid!
- And an EMMC with Ubuntu pre-installed.
- And an EMMC burner so he can change the contents of his EMMC.

Brian Murray
- Is exploring ETESYNC to act as his CalDAV and CardDAV server.
- After free trial, cost a nominal one dollar a month.
- bp9 doesn't like that solution because you are syncing to the cloud, i.e. "someone else's computer". bp9 uses DaviCAL, running on a local machine for all his CardDav and CalDav needs.
- Brian backs up his Evolution data daily so even if ETESYNC goes away, he has a local backup.

- Is messing with Minecraft Bedrock by running a wrapper around minecraft on linux.
- bp9 mentioned the Forge edition of Minecraft but never did get that running.

- Arrived fashionably late. :-)
- Since the sender will not refund him for the faulty board, he fixed it himself.
- Built a buffer board for an older project and had to do more work on it because the transistors on the board were getting warm.
- bp9 notes that warm transistors are not a good sign -- they are the path to failure. :-)
- Shows off a capacitor from Russia, not a crystal.


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