The Holy Spirit Is Our Regenerator

  • S04E15
  • August 17, 2018

This week we begin a seven-part series called, "The Seven Roles of the Holy Spirit" (based on the devotional series by J. Lee Grady). Some people are spooked out by the idea of the Holy Spirit, especially if they've heard him referred to as the Holy GHOST. It puts to mind the thought of a Halloween story. So who or what is he and what is his purpose in the life of a Christian? More specifically, how does he work to regenerate our own spirits? This week we'll focus on exactly that: #1 The Holy Spirit Is Our Regenerator. Note: The Seven Roles Of The Holy Spirit by J. Lee Grady is available as part of the YouVersion Bible App.

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Meet the Holy Spirit, who can do it all. He is the Spirit of God. He has limitless power and wisdom, yet He willingly comes to live inside any person who believes in Jesus Christ. And that means we have access to His amazing power. As I pondered the work of the Holy Spirit in Scripture and in my own life, I identified seven distinct roles He plays.

Jesus told Nicodemus that we are born again by the Holy Spirit. “Truly, truly, I say to you,” Jesus said in John 3:5, “unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” True conversion is the most supernatural thing we will ever experience. When a person puts his faith in Christ for salvation, it is the Spirit who opens the heart and imparts divine life.

He then indwells us, giving us the confidence that we are now children of God. None of us would be Christians today if it were not for the regenerating power of the Spirit.

And if you have ever led someone to faith in Christ, you know it is truly the most amazing miracle God can perform. If you are praying for someone to repent and give his heart to Jesus, do not minimize the role the Holy Spirit plays in this process.

How does this miracle happen? We typically tell new Christians that Jesus came into their hearts at the moment they repented of their sins. But again our language limits the grandeur of a true conversion.

When the Holy Spirit enters the life of a repentant believer, He literally breathes new life into the dead! Just as the prophet Ezekiel watched dry skeletons stand up, grow new flesh, and breathe again (Ezek. 37), people who are dead in sin are resurrected to a new life when they believe in Jesus Christ for the first time.

Never forget the raw power of conversion. Of all the manifestations of the Holy Spirit available to us, conversion is the most precious—and the most powerful. Never minimize the Holy Spirit’s power to transform a sinner.

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