Ender-3 v2 3D Printer

An upgraded version of the phenomenal 3D printer from Creality, the Ender-3 v2 includes several of the updates previous-generation users had to buy separately. From a silent mainboard which reduces the overall noise of the printer, to a beautiful new color display, the next generation of Ender-3 is a great printer to get you up and printing your own creations quickly.

Associated Videos:

Crew Conversation: Saving Money by Buying a 3D Printer

Features - July 8, 2020

Could spending money on a 3D printer actually save us money? Robbie talks about how through the pandemic and moving to a new studio, he's starting to see a trend: Many of the things he needs to buy are well over-priced, and if he only had a 3D printer, he could [probably] make it himself. He has a clever strategy that ensures he can make it past the learning curve without actually spending any money at all.

Crew Conversation: A DIY Pan-Tilt Idea for Raspberry Pi HQ Camera Using DMX Lighting

Features - July 8, 2020

DJ Lighting kits are available for cheap. They use the DMX (Digital Multiplex) protocol to control lighting and motors. A pan/tilt light can be bought for roughly $90. So Robbie contemplates whether 3D printing a revised faceplate for that light would allow him to embed a Raspberry Pi HQ Camera, providing a high quality pan/tilt camera that could be controlled from the DMX board.

Is 3D Printing For Me?

Features - August 26, 2020

Join Robbie on his mission to determine whether he's capable, with his busy schedule and lack of CAD experience, to effectively use a 3D printer. His strategy lets him test the concepts without spending a penny.

3D Printing for Beginners - Assembling the Ender-3 V2 and Discussing the Basics

Features - October 28, 2020

Robbie has been learning the basics of 3D printing, and purchased an Ender-3 V2. Come along on his journey into 3D printing. As we kick off the series, Robbie assembles his first 3D printer (don't worry, we've sped it up). We'll also discuss some of the exciting things he has learned in his first few weeks with the device, and how he has even customized and printed his own parts to enhance the printer's usability. Plus, a look at his first prints: From Maneki-neko (Lucky cat) to a Dalek figurine (Doctor Who), even these early prints look great!

Turn Buildings Into 3D Prints or Video Game Models with a Standard Drone

Features - November 11, 2020

Using an assortment of free software, Henry and Robbie turn a real house into a significantly smaller 3D printed object. Henry uses aerial photogrammetry to turn his quadcopter into a pseudo real-world building scanner. He can import that scan into game engines, or even Blender. Robbie will demonstrate how he can also take the resulting file and turn it into a 3D printed version of the real-world object.

3D Printer Paid For Itself! 3D Printed Server Upgrade Saved Hundreds!

Features - February 23, 2021

When the SSD upgrade in our Dell server resulted in amber lights on all drives, Robbie consulted Kingston's Mark Noland who pointed out the issue as the 2.5-inch drive adapters. So Robbie hit the 3D printer and found he could create better adapters that cost so much less than the purchased ones that he nearly offsets the expense of having purchased a 3D printer in the first place.

Dual Screen Linux Laptop - Pinebook Pro from PINE64

Features - March 19, 2021

We love multi-screen setups, but 'till now the thought of a multi-monitor laptop was out of reach. So we set out to see if the Pinebook Pro could function as a dual-screen Linux laptop! Robbie takes us through the project criteria for his dual-display notebook computer, special power requirements, and demonstrates the result.

3D Printer Creality Ender-3 v2 Full Assembly

Features - November 20, 2021

Assemble the Creality Ender-3 v2 3D Printer - unboxing to fully assembled. Robbie builds his first 3D printer, the Creality Ender-3 v2 3D Printer. Full assembly, from unboxing to fully-assembled, with mistakes along the way, and their solutions. While his first 3D Printer build took 1.5 hours, after doing it once he can now assemble them (without any of the mistakes!) in under 30 minutes.

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