Installing PCLinuxOS and Beryl 3D

  • Episode 1
  • September 25, 2007
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Installing PClinuxOS and how to use Flash to stream MP3 files.

  • The premiere episode of Category5 Technology TV. For a first episode, we sure covered a lot of topics; from Installing PClinuxOS, to how to use flash to stream MP3 files—a one hour episode to kick off the Category5 TV program. A great, and successful launch.
Topics Covered:
  • Installing PClinuxOS with GRUB Bootloader
  • How can you start an Internet Radio Station?
  • Basics of Cookies and How to Clear Cookies from Firefox
  • Installing nVidia Drivers in PClinuxOS
  • What are some advantages of a 3D Desktop?
  • Can you run Beryl on any version of Linux?
  • Can you run Beryl with either KDE or Gnome?
  • Can you run Word, Powerpoint and Photoshop natively on Linux?
  • Using higher-end video cards for 3D Desktops
  • KDE or Gnome? The inevitable question.
  • Can you have multiple session managers installed?
  • What is PHP and how can I edit it with a WYSIWYG editor?
  • Using a flash swf to stream MP3 files



Tyler contacted me again via MSN just after sign-off & mentioned that he was calling from Sudbury. I will have to remember to ask more questions when I take calls. I didn't get a lot of call-in experience with Episode #1

Having reviewed the video after the show, the problem with the PClinuxOS install actually occurred during the installation (you see a few red errors just before I reboot). Due to the fact that we were live on the air, I didn't bother to fix it, but I have fixed it now (after sign-off), and am ready to proceed with the show next Tuesday, where we will be introducing virtualization.

  • Host: Robbie Ferguson



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