Internet Broadcasting 101

  • S04E18
  • January 25, 2011

An in-depth look at live streaming, along with representatives from Telestream (the makers of Wirecast 4), Filippa Hasselstrom and Christine Porter. Robbie and Hillary host an informative, practical discussion about how live video streaming on the Internet is revolutionizing media and video content delivery.

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When we added the new HD hardware, Robbie actually completely rebuilt the broadcast system. From replacing the hard drive with a RAID0 to reinstalling absolutely all software and re-creating all Wirecast scenes, graphics and lower 3rds. This is a very challenging thing to do with a show that broadcasts every single week (eg. we never take 3 weeks off to upgrade), and it is very risky. Fortunately all went pretty smoothly, however the microphones did indeed turn off when Robbie switched the scene to show the Wirecast software, and Hillary's mic wasn't working off the top. This will be fixed for next episode.

The Telestream blog URLs were incorrect verbally, however we have provided the correct addresses for you in the Links section of the show notes.
This episode is sponsored in part by: Planet Calypso & Pogoplug.

Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson and Hillary Rumball present in studio.
  • Category5 has upgraded its main camera to HD (camera captures at 1080i). Thanks to Colin for helping us get a great deal on the new hardware.
  • Hillary's mic was not working at the top of the show, and Robbie turned it into a segue.
  • Feature: Internet Live Broadcasting 101.
  • What Wirecast has done for Category5 Technology TV.
  • Introducing Filippa Hasselstrom, Wirecast Product Manager and Christine Porter, Telestream's Community Manager.
  • Understanding what Wirecast's Product Manager does.
  • Telestream's support and community provides a great level of support to Wirecast users.
  • How the progression of high-speed Internet has affected Internet broadcasting since its boom.
  • Robbie's Question: What happens when the number of HD Internet broadcasts and the corresponding viewers maxes out the Internet infrastructure's overall bandwidth?
  • People watch live Internet streams longer than on-demand videos.
  • Putting your own show on the web is simple and cheap.
  • The iPod/iPhone App lets you stream live video from your device.
  • With software such as Wirecast, users can create Internet-based TV programs with the same features as big broadcasts but for a fraction of the price.
  • Wirecast was used for the Call of Duty: Black Ops launch.
  • Internet broadcasting is available to all types of markets, including schools and educational facilities, churches, science demonstrations, events, business communication and more.
  • Using Wirecast and Internet broadcasting to enhance business.
  • Using free software can get you started with Internet broadcasting, and then when you're ready, you can step up to commercial software such as Telestream Wirecast.
  • Viewer Question: How often does Wirecast have to increase its streaming capacity?
  • Understanding how bandwidth limitations work when it comes to modern Internet broadcasting.
  • What kind of Internet connection you need to start an Internet TV show.
  • Wirecast includes presets to help users get started.
  • Wirecast has a free trial that is full-featured.
  • Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom
  • Understanding what the Community Manager at Telestream does.
  • How to find Telestream on Twitter and blogs.
  • How to contact Telestream.
  • Telestream accepts community feature requests.
  • Robbie's Question: With all the changes to broadcasting with the improvements made to Internet broadcasting, how has the difficulty been impacted?
  • Robbie has used the iPod touch to control camera switching within Wirecast.
  • The challenge in Internet media is no longer distribution, but reception.
  • How Internet broadcasting has made advertising more effective over time.
  • How Telestream makes creation of on-demand content easier for live broadcasters.
  • Interesting use cases for Wirecast.
  • How live Internet broadcasting has changed the interactivity of television.
  • Wirecast cross-platform: broadcast from Mac and Windows, but also support Desktop Presenter via Wine.
  • Viewer Question: Is it worth running Windows to have Telestream Wirecast?
  • With Wirecast, you can do a lot with a simple laptop for live, on-location broadcasting.
  • Category5.TV gives away two Pogoplugs after revealing the number of ballots that were received by viewers.
  • Robbie uses an online random number generator to pick the winners of the Pogoplugs.

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