Web Site Development - Part 5

  • S04E28
  • April 5, 2011

The menu is ready to go and Robbie and Christa get moving into the actual site layout and begin implementing the woodgrain area.

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Christa Wells designed the 2011 Category5.TV logo. She and Robbie have worked together on a number of projects—her as the designer, him as the programmer.
This episode is sponsored in part by: Planet Calypso & Pogoplug.

Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson, Christa Wells and Eric Kidd present in studio.
  • Introducing the new Internal Messaging system at Category5.TV.
  • Viewer Testimonials.
  • More information about the upcoming Wirecast giveaway.
  • Viewer Question: I'm using a laptop with an external LCD monitor. When I press the laptop's hotkey for blanking the screen, it blanks the laptop screen but not the external monitor. Is there a way I can blank both?{code}xset dpms force off{/code}
  • Loading the Category5.TV chat room on Pidgin, connected to irc.freenode.net.
  • Viewer Question: Will the upgrade to 11.04 get rid of my Perfectbuntu installation, or will it roll up?
  • Viewer Comment: Canonical released the beta of Ubuntu 11.04 a few days ago.
  • Eric's Question: Will Ubuntu 11.04 work on the same computers as 10.10?
  • Feature: Web Site Development - Part 5. Robbie and Christa look at stylizing the menu to match the mockup, and start moving on to the header area with the woodgrain.
  • A brief introduction to Search Engine Optimization and planning out your site to perform well in the major search engines.
  • The reason for using a text-based menu rather than image-based.
  • Changing your font color using CSS.
  • Understanding hexidecimal HTML color codes which can be shortened to only three characters.
  • Determining HTML color notations using the GNU Image Manipulation Program's color picker.
  • Changing your font using CSS.
  • Viewer Question: Could you not do this feature in advance, edit it and then upload it so we don't have to watch the back-and-forth?
  • Creating links in HTML.
  • Adding CSS styles to your links.
  • Removing underlines from your links using CSS.
  • Creating a subtle mouse-over color effect using nothing but CSS.
  • Adding the woodgrain image to a new "header" div.
  • Using a non-breaking space ( ) to create a simple placeholder in HTML.
  • Setting the height of an element in CSS.
  • Clearing left and right floats in CSS to position your next div element.
  • Adding a non-repeating background image using CSS.
  • Viewer Question: The Category5.TV web site seems bandwidth-intensive on my mobile device. Do you have a mobile version of the site?
  • Viewer Comment: Every time Robbie mispronounces a word, take a drink.
  • Viewer Comment: Eric pipes up any time someone says the word "Drink".
  • Eric's Comment: The Leafs are tied with some other sports team.
  • Viewer Question: Will Hillary have the news for us next week?
  • A hacker's device allows people to open your car by scanning the wireless key code.

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