Web Development - Part 6

  • S04E29
  • April 12, 2011

Robbie and Christa battle a failing broadcast server, but entertain you none the less as they integrate the Google Font API into the web site.

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Oh no! Our broadcast server, which was deployed around four years ago, began failing the past couple weeks, but during this episode it could absolutely not broadcast an episode. We will need to replace the server, and request that viewers who are able please visit cat5.tv/c to donate. Thanks to some clever data recovery techniques using Linux, Robbie was able to save the six clips that comprised the show between crashes, and so tonight's episode is in fact six individual clips placed together.
This episode is sponsored in part by: Planet Calypso & Pogoplug.

Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson and Christa Wells present in studio. Bekah Ferguson provides the news via a pre-recorded feed.
  • The Category5 team debut their first-ever music video: a parody of Rebecca Black's viral video, Friday, in which the on-air crew depict what it's like before a show ... on Tuesday.
  • Viewer Question: How do I setup a Windows 7 box to be able to receive Clonezilla images over the network?
  • Viewer Question: How do I connect my FreeNAS system to Windows 7 as a mapped drive?
  • Viewer Comment: Smack Robbie. His mic isn't working.
  • Viewer Comment: How do you record your show? I want to know!
  • The leading entry in the Wirecast contest.
  • Feature: Web Development Series - Part 6.
  • Save money on Web Hosting.
  • Robbie talks about why he's using FTP in the traditional sense in order to upload changes to our web site every time a file is modified.
  • Understanding what a web-safe font is, and how to use the Google Font API to extend the number of available web fonts for your website.
  • Adding the Google Font API stylesheet for your chosen font to your web site header.
  • Server Crash #1
  • Server Crash #2
  • Robbie tries to get things back on track following the server crash.
  • Server Crash #3
  • Setting your font face using the font-family parameter in CSS.
  • Setting your website's font color using CSS.
  • Server Crash #4 - Robbie reboots server entirely and now audio is too hot. John's monitor is not working.
  • Chat room conspiracy theories about Microsoft Windows 7 detecting the Macbook and therefore crashing.
  • Top stories from the Category5 TV Newsroom.
  • Using the marquee and copy-and-paste to determine measurements for our website's fonts.
  • Brief difference betweek a CSS id and class.
  • Creating spans and classes on our web site, and understanding what they do.
  • Changing the size of our website font using CSS.
  • Basic differences between a div and a span.
  • Adding classes to our CSS file.
  • Specifying your font size in CSS using exact pixel size.
  • Using CSS to make our text all-caps using text-transform.
  • Knowing where to place particular CSS elements within your style.css file.
  • Server Crash #5
  • Mac is more expensive than PC. Robbie and Christa discuss the "Apple tax".
  • Christa determines that our music video will have a thousand million views.

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