Web Development - Part 11

  • S04E34
  • May 17, 2011

Robbie fixes the footer of the web site and slices the HTML file out into PHP includes. A handful of viewer questions are answered and new chances to obtain Viewer Points are introduced.

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Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson and Christa Wells present in studio.
  • Now viewers may receive notifications of new episodes of Category5 Technology TV by email.
  • Robbie adds censorship to the Category5 broadcast.
  • Blip.TV has launched the new Category5 TV profile! blip.tv/category5
  • Viewer Points for submitted photos this week go out to Dan Murphy and pyrosrockthisworld.
  • Viewer Question: When I logon to Category5.TV, I get this error message about a page not existing. Any idea what is happening here?
  • Dumping your cache in Mozilla Firefox.
  • Viewer Question: On Linux, when I make a new folder with spaces in it, I can't browse to it using Terminal. Any ideas?
  • What Nautilus / Dolphin / Finder are.
  • Creating and navigating folders with spaces in their name using the Linux Terminal.
  • Viewer Question: I'm using Visual Studio 2010 to follow along with the web development series, and all is working well. But will I be able to complete this site even though I prefer ASP.net?
  • Viewer Question: Can you run ASP code on Apache? (See link in the Links section)
  • Viewer Question: Putting a space in front of your command when mounting your Pogoplug on Linux so it won't add your password to the Linux history.
  • Viewer Question: How can I connect from my home computer (Windows Vista) to my work computer (Windows 7) so I can work from home?
  • Christa Wells has submitted her Team Bio for us to add to the Category5 TV web site.
  • Top Stories from the Category5 TV Newsroom.
  • Feature: Web site development part 11. Fixing the footer and slicing the HTML file out into PHP includes (and why we'd want to do that).
  • Understanding and fixing last week's footer issue. It was due to relative positioning in the CSS.
  • Why we'd want to use PHP includes rather than flat HTML files for our web site.
  • Slicing your HTML file into PHP includes.
  • Using logical, human-understandable filenaming to help make future editing easier.
  • Modifying your menu once, but affecting all pages of your site.
  • Using search engine friendly filenames to improve your rankings in the search engines, and infuse your site with keywords.
  • Robbie thanks Music Pro Barrie for supporting us by providing a microphone while we work out what we're going to do to replace our failed microphones.
  • Flattr Category5 TV at cat5.tv/flattr.
  • Viewer Comment: Why did you just censor that Ubuntu logo with an Apple logo? Not cool man, not cool.
  • Viewer Question: What program do you use to upload your PHP files when working on web site development?
  • Viewer Comment: Tell us about Robbie's shirt.
  • Viewer Comment: I like GFTP because it supports SSH.
  • Viewer Question: Does Filezilla support SFTP, or only FTP?
  • Viewer Comment: I can't wait to see Robbie in Entropia Universe / Planet Calypso!
  • If you didn't get approval for the Category5 TV Viewer society in Planet Calypso, re-try and Robbie will try to approve you.

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