Linux Distros - Part 3: CrunchBang Linux

  • S04E42
  • July 12, 2011

Robbie introduces CrunchBang Linux, a hacker-esque distro based on Debian and featuring the ultra-fast OpenBox window manager.

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This episode is sponsored in part by: Planet Calypso & Pogoplug.

Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson presents in studio.
  • Off the bat, the broadcast system experiences a few issues. This results in a short dead-air moment as Robbie resolves a couple of the issues to try to make sure the show goes forward.
  • Robbie explains why there have been framerate and other issues over the past couple weeks.
  • Viewer Question: What exactly does that server do? Is it so you can broadcast multiple streams?
  • Viewer Question: So is it a video production console?
  • Viewer Comment: Sounds like a makeshift "homebrew" TriCaster.
  • Viewer Images: Kevin from Kenya shows off his desktop, which is Ubuntu 11.04 but looks just like Mac OS X.
  • Viewer Comment: I was able to use Gaussian Blur on my desktop screenshot using tips I learned on the show and the free GIMP image editing software.
  • Viewer Comment: He's using Mac4Lin to make his Linux desktop look like Mac OS X.
  • Viewer Comment: GIMP shows up with a Photoshop icon when using that icon theme.
  • Making your Ubuntu / Linux desktop look like Mac OS X.
  • Viewer Comment: Let's not try to make Linux look like other desktops.
  • Robbie talks about what he doesn't like about Unity: Canonical is taking away the freedom which Linux gave us.
  • Use the #Cat5TV hash tag on Twitter when tweeting about the show.
  • Viewer Comment: xfce4 FTW!
  • Viewer Comment: I like pie!
  • Greetz to new viewers in the chat room.
  • Viewer Question: I tried reinstalling Ubuntu 11.04, tried setting up module blacklists, and I still can't get my NVIDIA graphics card working on Ubuntu. How can I get this driver activated?
  • How Robbie manually installed the NVIDIA drivers from their web site on Ubuntu. First, download the latest NVIDIA driver (in this case, 275.09.07), then:{code}sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia* sudo reboot sudo ./ startx{/code}
  • Viewer Comment: Jello windows!!
  • Viewer Question: Is there a way in Linux to take snapshots of your current configuration so one could later return to the same configuration should something go awry?
  • Back in Time: a full backup solution for Linux that uses Time Machine style mechanisms in order to allow users to revert their files to previous dates.
  • Viewer Question: Could I not use Remastersys?
  • Robbie thinks up a way to use Clonezilla and Back in Time hand-in-hand to create a valid computer image and also include incremental file updates, so you can always restore your Linux computer to the same day if it should crash.
  • Top stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom.
  • What the Pogoplug can be used for, and what it gives its users.
  • Using the Pogoplug to extend the capacity of your iPod Touch or other limited-space device—by gigabytes or even terabytes.
  • Prize Giveaway: A Pogoplug Pro is awarded to Raffer! Congratulations! (Note: As it turns out, it happened to also be Raffer's birthday—what a great birthday gift!)
  • Robbie mentions that due to the server damage after the power surge, he has queued viewer points and requests viewers let him know if he's missed adding their points or sending their prize.
  • Feature: CrunchBang Linux.
  • CrunchBang's disclaimer says that your computer may actually go "Crunch", "Bang", and they're not liable.
  • CrunchBang includes conky on the desktop, out of the box.
  • Activating compositing in CrunchBang Linux.
  • Robbie looks at CrunchBang's out-of-the-box useability and discusses how easy it is to install.
  • Viewer Question: Have you ever tried the XFCE version of CrunchBang?
  • Switching your CrunchBang session to XFCE.
  • Viewer Question: I took the plunge and switched from Unity to XFCE on my Ubuntu Linux computer. I love XFCE, but I find it isn't quite as aesthetically attractive out-of-the-box. How can I beautify XFCE and make my desktop look nicer?
  • Viewer Comment: Check out my desktop screenshot on XFCE.
  • Viewer Question: Does XFCE work better for older computers?
  • Xubuntu is better than installing xfce4, because by going the xfce4 route, you still have all the Gnome stuff installed.
  • Installing xfce4 or xubuntu-desktop - the basic difference.
  • A little about next week's 200th Episode special.

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