Be a smart kid - Understand and stand up against cyber bullying

  • S05E10
  • November 29, 2011

Sharron-Ann Reynolds from joins Robbie and Hillary to discuss how technology has changed the bully and created the cyber bully. Important information for parents, and young people alike.

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Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson, Hillary Rumball and Sharron-Ann Reynolds present live from the Category5 studios in Barrie, Ontario.
  • Music video: 'Bully' performed by Unbelievers. Song and lyrics by Jen Unbe.
  • Interview: Sharron-Ann Reynolds from joins the Category5 crew to discuss cyber bullying: what is it, what do parents need to know and what should kids / teens know about the modern form of bullying?
  • Why was founded.
  • The spectrum of cyber bullying is huge: from mean tweets to kids being beaten and having the video posted on YouTube.
  • Cyber bullying is: when you post something that you know specifically is going to hurt the person.
  • Is cyber bullying a freedom of speech issue?
  • How to avoid saying something online and being misinterpreted: proofread. Be wary of tongue in cheek: there are no "emotions" in text.
  • SMART means "Social Media Awareness and Responsibility Team", which helps kids learn to use social media properly to avoid cyber bullies.
  • The fact that users are faceless and use aliases online, often they feel they may be able to say things they would not say in person.
  • "A smilie goes a long way"
  • Taking away your child's social media abilities these days is like severing their ability to communicate.
  • Tip for parents: "Friend" your kids on Facebook so you can keep watch, but with this stipulation: you don't ever post on their wall or "like" their posts. Robbie adds: Also, don't post embarassing photos of them and tag them.
  • The blog will be launching over the Christmas holidays.
  • Call to parents: would you like to start a local "I am a SMART kid" group? Contact them!
  • Cyber bullying can lead to suicide. In the last 3 months alone, 6 children have taken their own lives within a 5 hour radius of Barrie.
  • What kids can do to stand up to cyber bullies.
  • Abort (stop the bullying), Support (offer a hand to the one being bullied), Report (to the authorities, parents, or teacher).
  • The I am a SMART Kid pledge form: ... print it, sit down with your kids, or alone, read it and sign it.
  • Technology has created a brand new type of bully.
  • Viewer Question: Being that cyber-bullying is technology based, are people doing the bullying being prosecuted?
  • Keep a record when cyber bullying takes place: print the page, grab a screenshot, whatever it takes.
  • Parents must be technologically savvy enough to know how to do the things necessary to protect their children from cyber bullies.
  • The "I am a SMART Kid" pledge.
  • Hillary Rumball and Robbie Ferguson take the "I am a SMART Kid" pledge.
  • Top stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom.
  • Robbie's Black Friday story: why wait in line when you can just buy it online?
  • Viewer Testimonial.
  • Greetings to new viewers.
  • Viewer Question: I'd like to have my 2TB external hard drive setup to mirror to the FreeNAS system, but rsync isn't letting me do it. Any ideas?
  • Viewer Question: How can I upgrade my drive to a RAID 1 since it's full of data?
  • What a RAID 1 is.
  • The "redundant" backup. It's imperative to always have at least two copies of your important data (family photos and videos, etc).
  • Viewer Question: I'd like to setup some IP cameras at home so I can monitor the house while I'm away, but I understand I'll need a static IP address, but my Internet is DHCP. How can I set it up?
  • Viewer Question: I've got a Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ and would like to generate a file list of all the files stored on it much like the old DOS "dir > file.txt" command. How can I do that on Linux?

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