Controlling Your Computer with Your Head

  • Episode 228
  • January 31, 2012

Robbie and Hillary demonstrate an amazing piece of technology for ergonomic or accessible use which allows you to control your computer's mouse by simply moving your head.

This episode is sponsored in part by: Liquid Image, Garden Gate Farms, Planet Calypso & Pogoplug.

Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson and Hillary Rumball present live from the Category5 studios in Barrie, Ontario.
  • Category5 on-demand video is making the switch to YouTube.
  • Category5 is working on building time travel, but it's not going well. But you can skip sections of our video, at least.
  • Category5's mobile web site lets you watch Category5 on your mobile device.
  • Viewer Postcards from Agamotto (Illinois, USA) and Robgor (Melbourne, Australia).
  • {play 14:06}Viewer Questions
  • Viewer Question: I setup a dual boot with Linux Mint and Windows 7 on my wife's laptop. I'm having trouble getting the touchpad disabled on Linux. Is there a good way to disable it?
  • Taking a boo at syndaemon.
  • Viewer Question: If you were to do a minimal backup on Windows XP, Ubuntu or Mac, what would you backup?
  • Robbie's experience installing Debian and restoring his Ubuntu backup to the new installation.
  • Also backing up Windows 7 user files.
  • Viewer Question: I ran a defrag on my computer and it was really slow, so I aborted it, but now I lost access to some of my folders. It's forcing a chkdsk now, and I still can't get access to my files. How can I get Windows to restore my files? Should I run another defrag?
  • {play 28:26}Why you should never use dodgy data recovery software, and why you should never take the risk of recovering your own data without knowing exactly what you're doing.
  • {play 30:45}Top stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom.
  • {play 35:42}Feature: The SmartNav ergonomic and assistive hands-free mouse which uses infrared sensors, allowing you to control your mouse by moving your head.
  • The various ways you can click your "mouse" when using a SmartNav cursor controller.
  • Using the SmartNav stickers to turn any object (such as a pen) into a SmartNav pointer.
  • Greetings to viewers in the chat room.
  • Hillary breaks the Internet.
  • Viewer Question: Would you ever consider doing an episode about doing a PXE boot?
  • Viewer Question: What do you think of Debian so far? I also don't like Unity, and am considering the switch. – See Robbie's Blog:
  • What Robbie thinks of Canonical's attempt to push users into Unity.
  • Viewer Comment: I may opt to switch to XFCE.
  • Cool new web site feature: The show notes (see above) feature links which allow you to start the video at a specific point.


Links to Relevant Web Sites:

  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Hillary Rumball


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