Ubuntu 12.10 vs Zorin OS 6 Ultimate

  • Episode 266
  • October 23, 2012

Robbie and Abigail take a look at the latest Ubuntu release and Zorin OS 6, and see which is most comfortable for new Linux users.

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Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson and Abigail Smith present from the Category5 studios in Barrie, Ontario.
  • Introducing Abigail Smith.
  • {play 4:31}Viewer Postcards
  • {play 8:50}Prize Giveaway: The upcoming giveaway of a Tt eSPORTS Chao DRACCO Signature Headphones, and giving away five 1-year licenses of ESET NOD32 Antivirus 5.
  • {play 12:46}Viewer Question
  • Viewer Question: I have a D-Link DNS-320 ShareCenter NAS unit. I can access it from my Linux computer by going to smb://hostname/sharename, but how can I add it to /media/NAS?
    • Accessing a network share in Linux.
    • Creating a mountpoint on Linux in the /media folder.
    • Understanding the basics of what a mountpoint is.
    • Editing your /etc/fstab file.
    • Creating an smbfs mounted connection using fstab.
      Robbie's entry looks like this: // /media/NAS smbfs credentials=/etc/samba/cred-file,uid=demo,gid=users 0 0
    • Installing smbfs so you can mount network attached storage via the SMB/SAMBA protocol.
    • Creating a credentials file for your smbfs mountpoint to store your username and password.
      Please do be mindful that creating a plain-text credentials file could reveal your NAS username and password to a malicious user who has physical or remote access to your computer system. Be sure to always use a strong password on your NAS which is not used elsewhere (eg., don't make your NAS password the same as your online banking or root password!)
    • Testing your fstab changes by mounting your entries on the fly with sudo mount -a.
  • Viewer Questoin: How can I move menu items around in Gnome? For example, moving iScreenshot from Accessories to Graphics.
  • Viewer Question: When I install Windows 8 in Ubuntu 11.10, my pointer doesn't work. How can I use it?
  • Viewer Question: How can I add your feeds for video to XBMC?
  • {play 32:00}Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom.
  • {play 38:11}Feature: Ubuntu 12.10 and Zorin OS 6 Ultimate: which looks and feels better straight out of the box?
    • Links:
      Ubuntu: ubuntu.com
      Zorin OS: zorin-os.com
    • Both Zorin OS and Ubuntu Linux solicit donations in order to download their distribution.
    • Linux is not an elitist operating system to install: even a novice user could install Linux on their computer system with minimal effort.
    • A side-by-side installation of Ubuntu 12.10 and Zorin OS 6 Ultimate. They both take about the same amount of time to install, and are both very easy to install. Zorin OS asked a few less questions (eg., "Do you want MP3 support" - of course I do, so Zorin OS Ultimate Edition just installs it, no questions asked).
    • The Ubuntu Unity interface is a much different interface than what we're used to.
    • Zorin OS 6 Ultimate feels very much like Windows 7 out of the box—very easy to transition over to Linux since the interface is familiar.
    • Using Zorin Look Changer to make your Zorin OS system look like Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Unity, Mac OS X or Gnome 2.
    • What Linux is: a free (as in freedom) operating system which can replace Microsoft Windows on your computer.
  • {play 54:21}Prize Giveaway: Tt eSPORTS Chao DRACCO Signature Headphones.
  • Viewer Picture: Dennis Kelley sent in a picture of himself watching Category5 in Texas.
  • Thank you to all who have donated to Category5 to help keep the show strong.
  • Viewer Question: Are you going to mention Les Miserables?

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  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Abigail Page


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