Protecting Your Business with Endpoint Protector

  • Episode 268
  • November 6, 2012

Robbie and Eric speak with Bodgan Oros from Romania about the powerful Endpoint Protector security appliance which protects businesses from data theft and accidental leakage.

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Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson and Eric Kidd present from the Category5 studios in Barrie, Ontario. Bogdan Oros from Endpoint Protector joins via Skype Video.
  • {play 5:21}Feature: Protecting your business from accidental data leaks and data theft with the Endpoint Protector appliance.
    • What Endpoint Protector is, and what it does to protect your company data.
    • What Content Aware Protection does to prevent data leaks.
    • Defining rights on a per-computer basis with regards to which devices that computer can access.
    • Monitoring the files that users are copying to or from devices on your network with File Tracing and File Shadowing.
    • Using file type Content Aware Policies to block or report when someone transfers files based on type (uses MIME Type, not extension).
    • Bogdan demonstrates how an attempt to email a Word document containing a credit card number will be blocked by Endpoint Protector.
    • Blocking data removal by way of predefined content types, or even custom dictionaries.
    • Endpoint Protector assists larger companies in complying with data protection regulations.
    • Viewer Question: What if a user was to create a cipher and transmit private information that way?
    • Viewer Question: Can you prevent the printing of private information with Endpoint Protector?
    • Robbie's Question: Can screenshots be used to circumvent the protectoin Endpoint Protector provides?
    • How the Endpoint Protector appliance is integrated into your company network.
    • Protecting private company data on mobile devices with Endpoint Protector.
    • Viewing a mobile device's location, status, installed apps and more using the Mobile Device Management feature of Endpoint Protector.
    • Locking or wiping the data from an Android or iOS mobile device—or even its SD card—remotely using Endpoint Protector in event of loss or theft.
    • Hiding and blocking specific apps on mobile devices.
    • An upcoming feature of Endpoint Protector will allow policies to work on a schedule, so a mobile device for example could have Angry Birds blocked during the business day, but unblocked after-hours.
    • Endpoint Protector is the ultimate supplement to antivirus/anti-malware for businesses.
  • {play 31:23}Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom
  • {play 38:34}Viewer Postcards - Thanks to Mihail from Sofia, Bulgaria for the postcard and gifts.
  • {play 43:16}Eric's Participation in Movember - Raising awareness and funds for prostate cancer and men's mental health. Sponsor Eric at
  • {play 46:59}Viewer Questions
  • Viewer Comment: Thanks for your help with setting up a samba share on Linux! Shiney is a word from the TV show, Firefly. It means "good".
  • Learning 1337 with Eric Kidd.
  • Viewer Question: I have a trick question for you: Can you guess what desktop environment I'm using based on the provided screenshot? It looks just like Unity, but is Gnome 3 on Zorin OS.
  • Viewer Question: I just posted a picture of Robbie in his Spidey costume on Google+. Are you on Google+?
  • Viewer Question: I want to know if I could use the WinSCP program, or is there a different application you recommend for web site maintenance?
  • Viewer Question: Thanks for the information about the server from the last episode. Further with regards to backups, I'd like to backup everything to the external hard drive. Is there a GUI-based program that I could use to backup the NAS?

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  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Eric Kidd


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