Valve Steam on Linux

  • Episode 285
  • March 5, 2013

Robbie and Sasha give Valve's Steam video game delivery system a try on Linux, and answer an assortment of viewer questions.

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Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson and Sasha Dirmeitis present from the Category5 studios in Barrie, Ontario.
  • The episode that almost never was. Some strange interactions between Synergy, Zorin OS 6 Ultimate and the Linux clipboard.
  • {play 5:50}New Web Site Feature: Receive each episode of Category5 TV by email. Read This for more information.
  • {play 8:06}The Top 10 viewers (by points) this month.
  • {play 8:59}Our live Viewer Location Map.
  • Viewer Question: Why does the video get all blocky when you change camera views?
  • {play 13:16}Feature: Valve Steam for Linux.
    • Steam bridges the gaming gap between Windows, Mac and now Linux.
    • Downloading the Steam Launcher installer for Linux, and installing Steam.
    • Running Steam for the first time.
    • Creating a Steam account (it's free to sign up!)
    • Upgrading your graphic driver to a compatible proprietary driver (nVidia 304 unstable, in our case).
    • The dangers of using an "experimental" video driver.
    • Installing our first game: a "Free to Play" game called Team Fortress 2.
    • What "Free to Play" means on Steam.
    • Browsing the selection of Linux games available through Steam.
    • What Steam gives you: a cross-platform gaming store with full installation system.
    • Using the Steam Store.
    • Steam: finally available on Linux.
    • Steam (and gamers) being on Linux should help drive the development of higher-end stable graphic drivers and other important software.
    • Testing actual gameplay on a Steam-powered game running on Linux.
  • {play 28:50}Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom
  • {play 38:45}Viewer Questions
  • Viewer Comment: You should announce the Category5.TV WhatPulse team again!
    • Viewer comment: WhatPulse is a keylogger! Robbie responds: no, it isn't; not exactly.
    • The video Robbie mentioned regarding WhatPulse and what it does:
    • What makes WhatPulse not a traditional keylogger (and why it's considered safe).
  • Viewer Question: On the Ask A Question page, there is an option for Questions or Comments on-air, but no option for a comment for off-air. Can you add that? Done!
  • Viewer Question: Personal viewer points can be seen on the "My Profile" section, but there is no longer a listing showing the top viewers. That was a great feature of the previous site. Can that be added?
    • The Category5.TV home page shows the top 10 viewers of the month.
  • Viewer Question: I recently started using WhatPulse. I see the heatmap shows that my backspace and space keys are very hot. Does that mean I am very hot?
  • Seeing his heatmap made Robbie want to learn to type using the Dvorak keyboard layout.
    • What Dvorak is.
    • Why Qwerty keyboards are ... stupid ... in today's age.
    • Looking at the Dvorak keyboard layout.
  • Viewer Question: My wife has a small reflexology business, and a website to promote it. Getty Images has sent her a letter demanding $2,750 for three small thumbnail pictures that she has on her site. Searching the web, it seems Getty Images is known for using scare-tactics to get money from users. Do I need to be worried about this?
    • Why you cannot use pictures you've "found on the Internet" on your own web site.
    • How (and why) Getty Images tracks down illegal use of photographs.
    • How Fair Use comes into play.
    • Purchasing the license to use photographs from reputable, royalty-free image sites such as iStockPhoto.
    • Finding Royalty-Free images that are available for free.

Links to Relevant Web Sites:

  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Sasha Dirmeitis


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