Turning Your iDevice Into a Guitar Effects Processor

  • S06E27
  • March 26, 2013

Eric Kidd joins Robbie and Erika to demonstrate a cool set of devices which turn your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad device into a full guitar effects processor.

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Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson and Erika Lalonde present from the Category5 studios in Barrie, Ontario. Eric Kidd joins via pre-recorded video.
  • {play 6:38}Feature: Turn your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad into a multi-effect guitar processor, complete with Bluetooth wireless foot pedals.
    • Introducing the JamUp Plug, which lets you plug your guitar or bass guitar into an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad, and the AirTurn BT105 Bluetooth controller pedals.
    • Eric Kidd takes a look at how we can turn our iDevice into a guitar effects processor and joins us from Angus Borden Music.
    • Using the JAMPUP XT app as a guitar tuner.
    • Setting up your AirTurn Bluetooth pedals to operate various Amp/FX Switches in JamUp XT.
    • Modifying the sound of you amp model in JamUp XT.
    • A look at the professional version of JamUp XT, which includes more amp models, more guitar effects, and an integrated store that lets you purchase new amp or effect models for your guitar processor chain... for very cheap.
  • {play 23:22}Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom.
  • {play 33:49}Using Telestream Wirecast's Desktop Presenter feature to stream your Linux desktop.
    • What Desktop Presenter does.
    • Obtaining the needed files for Linux from your Telestream Wirecast installation on Windows.
    • Installing wine on Linux to allow you to run Windows programs on Linux.{code}sudo apt-get install wine{/code}
    • Installing msvcm90.dll (vcrun2008) on Linux to allow Desktop Presenter to run. We'll use winetricks to do this.
    • Running Desktop Presenter for the first time on Linux using wine.
  • {play 41:04}Viewer Questions
  • Viewer Comment: I wrote a simple app in Zenity which lets users on Linux enable or disable Wacom Touch. It can be downloaded from www.embryonicart.com/zip/Wacom.zip.
  • Viewer Question: With Ubuntu 10.04 going dark this month, is there any way to backup the repositories so we can keep using it?
  • Viewer Question: In Episode 280 you mentioned that Category5 (via the Blip.TV app) is now available on iOS, Android, Kindle and Xbox, but now it doesn't seem to work on Linux Mint 13. Do you know why?
  • Viewer Question: I just purchased a 4TB hard drive for massive storage. How do I get it to format on Linux as the full 4TB since it seems when I try to format it, it has a 2.2TB limit?
    • Activating GUID Partition Table (GPT) on your hard drive using GNU Parted.
    • Creating a 4TB EXT4 partition on your hard drive using GNU Parted.
    • Formatting your 4TB EXT4 hard drive on Linux.
    • Some thoughts to ponder with regards to data backups and redundancy when using such a large hard drive.
    • Why Robbie uses small hard drives in his computers.
  • {play 55:13}SwissAndi created a remix of the Category5 Technology TV theme song. You can check it out on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMmvYrK1EK0 or even download it from here: http://www.andihaehlen.ch/cat5/

Links to Relevant Web Sites:

  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Erika Lalonde

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