The $200 Jib That Makes Your Video Look Like $1 Million

  • Episode 306
  • July 30, 2013

A sub-$200 jib rig that gives your video production that "fly over" look. With special guest appearance by Owen the Great, arguably Canada's youngest magician.

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This episode was 10 minutes late when live, so if you are following along in the chat logs, 7:10pm is actually the start of the video. 7:45pm in the chat logs is just 35 minutes in.
This episode is sponsored in part by: Eco Alkalines.

Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson and Sasha Dirmeitis present from the Category5 studios in Barrie, Ontario.
  • Thank you to viewers who have sent in donations to help us pay the bills or develop Studio D.
  • {play 5:14}Special Guest: Owen the Great, arguably Canada's youngest magician, visits us in the studio to perform some magic.
  • {play 20:26}Feature: The $200 Video Jib Rig That Will Make Your Video Production Look Like a Million Bucks
    • What a jib is.
    • Looking at the 8' Jib from Advanced Digital, available at
    • Setting up the 8' Jib takes only a few minutes, making it an excellent solution for small video companies or home users who want to produce spectacular looking videos.
    • Using counterweights to offset the weight of your camera.
    • Using the jib takes practice, but is easy.
    • Advanced Digital provides exceptional service, as Robbie experienced when he received a defective unit.
    • The 8' Jib can be operated from the camera end of the butt end since it is well counterweighted.
    • This sub-$200 camera jib is preferable over a DIY project.
  • {play 30:17}Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom
    • Software that can draw abstract portraits in the style of specific artists has been developed by Disney Research.
    • Sony and Panasonic are working on a Blu-ray killer: an optical disk that holds at least 300 GB.
    • Good luck registering a domain name if your name happens to be George Alexander Louis!
    • Rather than fix an exploitation problem with car immobilization systems, the court has shut up the researchers who discovered the flaw.
  • {play 40:50}Join the Category5.TV Sales Force to earn some extra cash while supporting Category5 Technology TV.
  • {play 42:12}Viewer Question: I've been trying to install Linux for some time, but each time I get through the installation, the drive doesn't boot and there appears to be nothing on it when I check.
  • {play 45:13}Viewer Question: Can we have a show about Dreamweaver on Linux?
  • {play 47:02}Sasha's Question: Have we received any postcards this week?
  • {play 47:45}Viewer Comment: Make sure you backup your files! I was partitioning my hard drive and accidentally deleted the wrong drive's partitions. Luckily, I had a backup of most of my critical files.
  • Robbie talks about how he keeps redundancy while shooting video in the field.
  • Sasha's Question: I fried my SD card. Is there any way to recover the pictures?
  • {play 54:28}Unboxing and testing the Novatel Wireless MiFi 2 LTE wireless hotspot.

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  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Sasha Dirmeitis


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