Viewer Question Extravaganza, and Vegemite

  • Episode 315
  • October 1, 2013

Robbie and Rachel dump out the mailbag and answer a plethora of interesting viewer questions from around the world, and partake of some Australian cuisine.

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Pushing our tech as much as possible tonight to kick off Season 7, we encountered some laggy video and a audio panning issues. These are known issues and will be fixed.
This episode is sponsored in part by: Eco Alkalines.

Topics Covered:

  • {play 4:44}Robbie found his original Unreal Tournament CD.
  • {play 6:40}A care package from Australia arrived from robgor.
  • Our Transcoders are averaging about 8 episodes per day. Read more about it on Robbie's blog.
  • {play 11:08}Welcome to all our newly registered viewers.
  • Thank you to those who have been able to donate this week. Announcing our upcoming crowdfunding campaign.
  • {play 12:51}Viewer Question: How can I add the Category5 TV channel to Roku?
    • The Category5 Technology TV Roku channel is coming soon, but in the meantime, you can add the Tech Podcast Network channel, which we are on.
  • {play 14:34}Viewer Question: I've been encrypting my backups with TrueCrypt for Linux. I'd like to be able to backup my sister's laptop (running Windows) to an encrypted hard drive. Do you know of any software that is able to backup to an encrypted backup?
  • Rachel talks amongst herself while Robbie fixes some issues which were resulting in no computer display.
  • {play 22:03}Viewer Question: I'm loving Point Linux, and wonder: how are you able to do the fire effect when you close windows, and the 3D cube and so-on?
    • Using compizconfig-settings-manager to configure the effects within any Linux distro using Compiz-Fusion.
  • {play 28.45}Viewer Question: I have an Acer Aspire 5050 laptop and have installed Point Linux on it. Does it support TRIM?
    • Check out Debian's SSD Optimization page, paying particular attention to the discard option in fstab.
  • {play 32:08}Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom
    • Glasses that can translate a menu have been demonstrated.
    • The ability to edit Facebook posts is a big concern.
    • Apparently they can charge cellphones with lighting now.
    • And the first computer built entirely with carbon nanotubes has been unveiled.
  • {play 43:39}Viewer Question: We are a church and want to stream our services online. We have Wirecast on Windows 8 and can't get it to work. Should we switch to Windows 7?
  • {play 44:37}Viewer Comment: Here is a picture of my computer setup for when I watch Category5 Technology TV.
  • {play 46:38}Viewer Question: I have setup Skype on Zorin OS on an old laptop so my parents can talk to my brother when he travels. It works fine when my wife and I are using it, but we do not get any video—only sound. Do you know how to get the video to work?
  • {play 50:37}Viewer Question: I need a solution for a bash script that deletes old files in my backup set... something to purge old files from a folder but leave the newer ones. Do you have any ideas?
    • Robbie's suggestion (removes files older than 10 days in the current folder, recursively - be careful!):
      find . -mtime +10 -exec rm {} \;
  • {play 56:02}Viewer Call: GWG from Android Buffet calls from New York, USA.
  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Rachel Xu


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