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Installing a Free Backup Service on Linux

  • Episode 319
  • October 29, 2013

On our cosplay special, Robbie and Sasha reveal a feature-packed backup tool from Idera: the same people who brought us Linux HotCopy.

This episode is sponsored in part by: Eco Alkalines.

Topics Covered:

  • {play 4:46}Thank you to those who have contributed to our Indiegogo campaign!
  • {play 6:49}Taking a look at Reflecmedia's Chromatte technology. Thanks to John Milanoski and Guy Cochrane for lending us a unit to demonstrate tonight.
    • Using Reflecmedia's Chromatte to create a much larger virtual studio "space".
  • {play 11:27}Welcome to our newly registered viewers!
  • Miro Internet TV users, RSS feed subscribers, iTunes subscribers and Roku viewers should all notice that Category5 TV is much faster and more reliable now thanks to changes to our distribution services in preparation for continued viewership growth. Check out Robbie's blog post to learn more.
  • {play 12:46}Software Feature: Idera Server Backup Free
    • Downloading Idera Server Backup Free for Microsoft Windows, Debian-Based Linux distros or other Linux distros.
    • Debian-based Linux distros can use apt-get along with the directions found on Idera's web site to install Idera Server backup Free.
    • If you can't follow the instructions directly to add the repository to apt's sources.list file, you can use your favorite text editor as super user. Eg., sudo pluma or sudo gedit or even sudo nano or sudo vi.
    • Robbie walks through the step-by-step instructions on installing Idera Server Backup Free on a Debian-based Linux system. In our case, we're using Point Linux based on Debian 7.
    • Understanding the basics of what we're actually doing during the course of installation.
    • Idera was first featured on Category5 TV on Episode 272 with their product Linux HotCopy, which we called the ultimate backup enhancer for Linux.
    • Adding a username and password to Idera Server Backup Free. Note: the password Robbie used was for a laugh—please use good password practices as per Episode 318.
    • The final step is to install the needed kernel modules for Hotcopy, which is super easy, but don't forget!
    • Connecting to our Idera Server Backup Free interface using our web browser pointed to http://localhost:8080
    • A quick overview of the steps involved in configuring your backup set now that Idera Server Backup Free is installed:
      1. Create a Disk Safe to store your backup.
      2. Create a Policy to schedule your backup and setup excludes.
  • {play 32:42}Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom
    • How would you like a cellphone battery that takes just minutes to charge and lasts for several weeks?
    • We say “Farewell” to a long-time favorite Linux repository.
    • Could BlackBerry’s future rely on the use of competitors' devices?
    • And Google’s Smartwatch appears to be on the horizon.
  • {play 43:17}Viewer Question: On Point Linux when I configure my printer to print "letter", it still reverts to A4. What can I do?
  • {play 45:51}Viewer Question: Why is the Commander operating the conn? (Note: in truth, Sasha is operating Ops, Robbie is on the Conn)
  • {play 47:15}We're converting Sasha to Star Trek and Linux.
  • {play 49:01}Viewer Question: I have a laptop with Windows 8 and UEFI. I'd like to install Linux while maintaining the recovery partition. Can we discuss and solve how to do this?
  • {play 53:32}Viewer Question: Near the end of the CryptoLocker discussion on Episode 317, you mentioned how Linux systems could be vulnerable if they have CIFS. Can you expand on this?
  • {play 55:26}Viewer Question: My pastor has a television ministry. He has expressed interest in trying Linux. Is there any specific distro for broadcasters? What do you recommend?
  • {play 58:12}Contest Announcement: Win a boatload of batteries from Eco Alkalines!
  • Studio clocks change this week.
  • {play 60:35}Sasha destroys the Enterprise.
  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Sasha Dirmeitis

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