Getting Deep into PasswordBox

  • S07E33
  • May 13, 2014

Robbie and Sasha speak with Security Engineer, Francois Proulx from PasswordBox about the intricacies of how the platform works, and how the PasswordBox team works to protect our passwords through their secure service.

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We used one of the Logitech C920 webcams for our main camera this week to see if we could get good picture without the flicker.

Topics Covered:

  • {play 3:34}Sasha's laptop has been "upgraded" to Linux! Robbie chose Zorin OS 8.
  • {play 5:36}Feature: Security Engineer François Proulx joins us from PasswordBox to discuss some of the deeper security questions our viewers have raised regarding the product.
    • A followup interview to the interview with Maeghan Smulders on Episode 332.
    • {play 8:15}Skip the audio difficulties.
    • François Proulx explains his role at PasswordBox.
    • PasswordBox keeps our passwords safe from prying eyes such as hackers and government agencies like the NSA.
    • How the LegacyLocker feature of PasswordBox can share our passwords with a loved one after our death, but can't be compromized by a third party, thinking specifically about hackers and the NSA or other security agencies.
    • The encryption of PasswordBox data is done using RSA Key Pairs, which are asymmetrical.
    • Sasha's Question: Is there a way that is easy to change the passwords on PasswordBox?
    • Viewer Question: Is there a way to export my passwords from PasswordBox to a file, such as XML?
    • Viewer Question: Will PasswordBox eventually be able to be sorted by categories, rather than just a long searchable list of sites and passwords?
    • Viewer Question: When will PasswordBox implement two-factor authentication?
    • Breaking down the technical methods used by LegacyLocker to keep your passwords safe, even while being able to share your passwords with a digital heir after death: a supplemental database, encrypted with a key only available to your digital heir's account and encrypted with their master password.
    • The methods which will be used to provide multi-factor authentication in PasswordBox.
    • Sign up for a free PasswordBox account at
    • Learn more about PasswordBox security at
    • Have a question for PasswordBox? Email
  • {play 45:14}Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom
    • A new robotic arm and hand is making headway for amputees.
    • The increased use of drones is bringing new risk to airplanes.
    • A UN convention is actually going to be discussing the viability of killer robots for war.
    • The next installment of Unreal Tournament is coming straight to Linux… for free.
  • {play 57:01}Sasha is now on Linux! Robbie installed Zorin OS 8 on her new laptop.


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