Elisa Media Center

  • S01E05
  • June 3, 2008

Taking a look at Elisa Media Center: an incredible and powerful free program for Windows and Linux (Mac version is coming too). Making Windows XP look and feel more beautiful.

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Topics Covered:

  • Using /nick Yourname to set your username in the Category5 chat room.
  • Viewer Question:  What is the simplest way of setting up some form of "remote desktop" to help service a client's computer without having to go through the tedious process of talking them through router / firewall configuration?
  • Getting around the dynamic IP address problem when trying to connect to a remote desktop or VNC connection.
  • Viewer Comment:  The video is SMOOTH tonight!
  • DVD ISO update:  Starting with this episode, DVDs will carry a much higher framerate.
  • Viewer Comment:  Try krdc for remote administration.
  • Viewer Question:  I'm about to build a file server, and looking at Ubuntu server.  What would be the best way to go?
  • Installing SSH in Ubuntu using the apt-get command.
  • Installing the Sharing Service and sharing a folder on your Ubuntu system onto a Windows network using Samba shares.
  • Viewer Question:  Under what circumstances would you want to use the server edition of Ubuntu for a file server?
  • Viewer Comment:  Sounds like you'd be fine to use the Desktop edition of Ubuntu for a home-based file server.
  • Making Windows XP suck less.  Adding XPize and WinMover to make your Windows XP system feel a lot ... nicer.
  • Installing XPize to give your Windows XP desktop computer a much nicer look and feel.
  • Category5 on an N800Viewer Comment:  I'm watching Category5 on my Nokia n800.
  • Viewer Question:  What kind of laptop are you using that can't do screen cloning?
  • Viewer Question:  Have you ever done a segment on dd-wrt?
  • Robbie talks briefly about DVD ISO downloads.
  • Viewer Question:  Did you ever get that HP web site to work?
  • How to watch HP Services Media Library videos on Ubuntu.
  • Viewer Question:  Is the .ASX file the only way to find the video filename?
  • Feature:  Using Elisa Media Center on Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 to setup a free, and uber-powerful multimedia center with the ability to play music files, movies and shows, and even play slideshows of your family photos.
  • Key functions in Elise Media Center.
  • Viewer Question:  Are there many other tweaks for Windows that will make it behave more like Linux?
  • Viewer Question:  Can you run Compiz-Fusion on Windows?
  • Viewer Question:  Have you ever used Solaris?
  • Viewer Question:  Could you do a feature showing a headless Ubuntu server with VirtualBox?
  • Viewer Question:  Is there a reason you used a real Windows XP system rather than a virtual machine to demonstrate XPize tonight?



Special thanks to the viewer "Winjamer", who donated the new monitor to Category5 so you can see my computer display behind me.

If you're using Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) and want to run XPize, you'll need [this patch] for the time being.

I should have mentioned it; it slipped my mind - Elisa is available for Windows, and Linux.  (!!)  A Mac version is also in their plans.

  • Host: Robbie Ferguson


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