Add a 3D Cube and Flip3D Task Switcher to Windows XP

  • Episode 4
  • October 16, 2007

Checking out Topdesk and Deskspace from Otaku Software, which add a 3D cube to your Microsoft Windows desktop.

Topics Covered:

  • Viewer Question: How do I import pictures from a digital camera and save to CD?
  • Viewer Question: How do I export an image from a PPT slideshow in OpenOffice Impress?
  • Viewer Question: How do I set my desktop wallpaper to a custom photo in Ubuntu?
  • Viewer Question: How do I compress images in Powerpoint?
  • Featured Product: Otaku Software's Topdesk and Deskspace - 3D desktop for Windows XP with 3D cube and Flip3D-style task switching
  • Viewer Question: How do I use a USB Flash drive?
  • Viewer Question: Can Topdesk show a live preview of a video while using the Flip3D-style interface?
  • Viewer Issue: Unresolved (Out of Time) VMWare causing jerky mouse in games


Otaku Software:
Cyberlink Medi@Show:
Download Ubuntu:
Interfacelift Wallpapers:
Kingmax Digital:


One of the items I forgot to mention with Deskspace is that I was really impressed that it included a great deal of skyboxes with it (no having to download skyboxes!!)  The skybox you see in the show is included with the program.

Another really great feature of Deskspace is that you can place a different desktop wallpaper on every cube face! You do not have to have the same wallpaper on each desktop!!

  • Host: Robbie Ferguson


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