A Secure Flash Drive from Kingston and ESET

  • S09E29
  • April 12, 2016

This week we look at a nice little flash drive from Kingston/ESET that not only protects all the files stored in its 256-bit encrypted vault from unauthorized access, but also protects the vault from malware and virus infection.

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What a mad-dash to getting online! This week our Internet at the studio was down again, but thankfully at the last minute I got a message on Facebook (I was literally on my way out the door with plans to just "record to disk" again... I'd even scheduled Hootsuite to auto-post a "Sorry, our internet is down--we'll upload the show tomorrow" message to our social media profiles at 6:40pm).

The message came from a long-time supporter of the show who offered to loan us her LTE SIM card which operates on a different provider than ours. Having plugged the SIM into our modem, unfortunately I learned that our modem is locked to Bell (our provider)... so I need to get an unlock code for our MBR1516 modem in order to use the SIM (Rogers). I found a provider who gives out unlock codes for free to people who show the process on a YouTube video... so guess what we'll be doing on an upcoming show? :)

SO, I couldn't use our modem... of course. What to do, what to do?!

Then it hit me: remember how someone gave me a BlackBerry Z10? It has tethering capability. Well, it's supposed to. I put the SIM in my Z10 (which I had previously unlocked to use pay-as-you-go) and it got LTE speeds upwards of 20+ Mb/sec--fantastic! Plugged it into USB and a no-go. The phone just refused to tether to our server. So, pull out the co-host laptop and instead, set the BlackBerry to Mobile Hotspot mode. I then connected the laptop to the Hotspot via WiFi, up-linked the ethernet port on the laptop to the WAN port on our router, changed the router to use Ethernet connection rather than LTE and shared the WiFi connection on the laptop. Whew!

Everything connected fine, and since I basically tricked the router into thinking it was a "normal" Internet connection, our internal IP block remained as is and nothing had to be reconfigured! Onwards and upwards! Time to do a show.

Sasha and Jeff arrived about 30 minutes before showtime, and I love that these two were on this week. It really eased the stress of losing an hour of prep time knowing that two great conversationalists would be joining me.

We pulled out that Kingston Datatraveler USB flash drive and plugged it in. It's actually really cool as a secure way to store some documents or personal files as a redundant copy that you can carry with you. If the drive gets lost or stolen, the files are inaccessible. The ESET partnership Kingston established on this device also means if you plug it into a virus-infested Windows machine, you won't have to fear getting (or spreading) the infection.

We also had a brief chat about Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS which we'll be reviewing more thoroughly on next week's show.

Jeff had some really interesting news, and Sasha had trouble keeping it together when Jeff's short form could be interpreted one of two ways.

By the way, we need to find a permanent solution to our unreliable Internet host. This costs money. If you can throw some extra one-time cash moneys into our tip jar, I'd really appreciate it. $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 or even $1,000: I know there are those would could pitch in and no matter what the amount, it'll make a difference! https://donate.category5.tv

Enjoy the show, and thanks for supporting us!



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