DIY Networking

  • Episode 462
  • July 26, 2016
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Learn to craft your own network cables and wire your home or office, saving a lot of money. We'll also have a look at Jeff's toes (sorry!), show you how to turn any audio device into a Bluetooth-connected player, and fix the backup script we built last week.

Welcome to another week of Category5!

On this week's show we learn what the whole "Category5" thing's all about... well, actually, we'll be working with Category 6, but you get the idea.

To save some cashola, we'll learn to do our own networking. It'll improve performance at home or in the office (vs. wifi) and save you paying someone to do it. It's also a very good skill set to have in this wonderful world of geekery!

You'll need a few tools, and we've got the whole list for you here:

Jeff's back on his feet (bah dun!) and brought us some photos of the surgery (SORRY!) If you're squeamish, don't worry--we warn you before it comes up on the screen.

In review of Episode 461, there were two fatal flaws with our backup set, and I address those this week in preparation for our demo on how to restore files from our backup set.

Here's the picture I forgot to edit into the video at the end of the show:

And here's Jeff reading the news (our perspective):

Notice the way I turned the camera's monitor around? I ran an HDMI cable into it from Jeff's laptop, so now he can read the news while "looking at the camera"! It's not quite a teleprompter, but it worked really well!

Enjoy the show, and thanks so much for watching!!

- Robbie

  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Jeff Weston



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