Jeff Thinks He's So Hot, And Proves It

  • S13E04
  • October 23, 2019

With a little soldering, we're prototyping a thermal imaging scanner which allows us to visualize thermal data. We'll be using it to see how various cases and coolers affect the thermal footprint of various single board computers, but the options are endless. With this device, you can see heat.

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Get The Sensor:
Raspberry Pi Hardware:

How To:

  • Solder the provided 6-pin header so it protrudes from the opposite side of the breakout to the sensor.
  • Connect your sensor to your Raspberry Pi as per the video.
  • Boot a fresh install of Raspbian Desktop.
  • Activate I2C in the Interfaces section of raspi-config.
  • Reboot.
  • In the terminal, type this to see if your sensor is detected: sudo i2cdetect -y 1
  • Install dependencies: apt update && apt install git build-essential python-pip python-dev python-smbus python-scipy python-pygame
  • Install the drivers:
    cd /tmp
    git clone
    cd Adafruit_Python_GPIO/
    python install
    pip install colour Adafruit_AMG88xx
  • Install the sample Python scripts:
    cd /home/pi
    git clone
    cd Adafruit_AMG88xx_python/examples/
  • See the 64-sensor thermal data: ./python
  • See the output of the integrated thermistor: ./python
  • Finally, visualize the data: ./python


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