The DD-WRT Router Firmware

  • S04E09
  • November 23, 2010

Robbie covered a lot of interesting Pogoplug-related questions, such as how to mount the Pogoplug as a drive in Linux and Windows, and what cool ways you could use Pogoplug to protect and share your data. Our main feature is all about DD-WRT--from selecting which router to buy based on the type of DD-WRT firmware you wish to use, to actually installing and running the firmware.

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During Hillary's news segment, the photo kept switching to slideshow mode.  Robbie fixed it pretty quick, but it was goofy.

Unfortunately we couldn't get back to setting up the Pogoplug on Linux, but we will look at that in an upcoming episode.

This episode is sponsored in part by: Planet Calypso.

Topics Covered:

  • Eric asks permission to read questions.
  • Viewer Question:  How do I get my Pogoplug mounted on my Ubuntu 10.10 Linux computer?
  • What the Pogoplug is, and some of the very usable features.
  • New Pogoplug hardware doesn't necessarily mean you have to upgrade, as the software will always be updated on your older version hardware.
  • Viewer Comment:  I love my Pogoplug!
  • Downloading Pogoplug Drive for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Palm devices.
  • Mounting your Pogoplug Drive on Windows.
  • Creating folders and files on the Pogoplug-connected device.
  • Accessing your Pogoplug-hosted files through the web interface.
  • Practical uses for the Pogoplug to secure your data away from your device.
  • Obtaining, extracting, and setting up the pogoplugfs script in Linux.
  • Making a Linux script executable in the terminal.
  • Mounting a Pogoplug in Linux.
  • Understanding the risk of a plain-text password.
  • Viewer Comment:  Behold the Bacon and Asparagus Mushroom Melt.
  • The original Microsoft logo looks like the thing that attacked Lieutenant Barclay in the transporter stream in the TNG episode "Realm of Fear".
  • Viewer Comment:  I do not like that in Episode 111, Ed Lin from Maxmind made the assumption that orders from Nigeria (my country) are fraudulent.
  • Robbie responds to viewer comment which put some aspects of Episode 111 in a bad light.
  • The top 10 countries viewing Category5 TV this month.
  • Viewer Question:  I'm having a problem similar to what you did a couple years back in Wirecast with regards to aspect ratio.  How did you fix it?
  • Feature:  The DD-WRT router firmware brings expensive features to affordable devices.
  • Comparing the available versions, and choosing which version of DD-WRT you'd like to install on your router.
  • Installing DD-WRT.
  • Looking over some of the quick features DD-WRT adds to a consumer router.

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