Basic Photo Manipulation - Part 9

  • S04E11
  • December 7, 2010

Robbie demonstrates a simple technique to creating glossy web buttons from any photo using the free GNU Image Manipulation Program.

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Topics Covered:

  • Hillary is trapped in a city-wide lockdown.
  • Viewer Question:  I can't register with your web site.  What could be wrong?
  • Why the Category5.TV web site is in lockdown.
  • The new HD recording means Eric gets a real beating in the chat room.
  • Viewer Question:  My laptop came with Windows 7 and I'd like to dual-boot with Ubuntu 10.10.  Should I partition the drive before the installation or let the Ubuntu installer take care of it?
  • Viewer Question:  Could you update the RSS feeds for MP4 and DIVX with last week's episode?
  • How is Eric's eye sight?
  • Eric nicknamed last week's show "The Seinfeld Episode".
  • Why viewers should subscribe to the Category5.TV H.264 RSS feeds rather than the old MP4 feed.
  • Viewer Comment:  I usually get the MP4 feed.
  • Eric, the fidgeter.
  • Viewer Question:  I have a new Windows 7 64-bit computer, and am wondering if I should install Ubuntu 64-bit instead.  Would that be the way to go?
  • Viewer Comment:  I burnt the Ubuntu ISO to DVD and it doesn't do anything.
  • Viewer Question:  What do you think about using an SATA to IDE converter to allow me to use my old Windows XP system?
  • Viewer Comment:  You could use TeraByte's BootIt NG to triple boot easily.
  • Viewer Comment:  I updated - Check it out!
  • Viewer Comment:  I love your show and the laid-back style.  By the way, I live near breweries.
  • Viewer Comment:  If you have a guest room, I hope you offer a dictionary that provides proper pronounciations.
  • Viewer Comment:  Don't turn off UAC on Windows 7.  Instead, use UAC Trust Shortcut.
  • Why you shouldn't simply disable UAC.
  • Viewer Comment:  UAC is more trying to emulate the security elevation of Linux/Unix.
  • Glossy Button DemoFeature:  Basic photo manipulation with free software.  Tonight we learn a simple technique to create glossy-looking buttons from any image.
  • Cropping an image to selection in the GNU Image Manipulation Program.
  • Duplicating a layer in the GiMP.
  • Adding a gaussian blur to your new layer in the GiMP.
  • Changing the layer mode in the GiMP.
  • Using the Paths Tool in the GiMP to create perfect curve selection.
  • Filling a selection with a solid color.
  • Using the Alpha Lock feature of the GiMP to preserve alpha layers.
  • Changing your colors in the GiMP.
  • Using the Blend Tool (Gradient) to fill your layer in the GiMP.
  • Changing the opacity of your curve layer to create a nice "Gloss" effect.
  • Selecting all in GNU Image Manipulation Program.
  • Shrinking your selection in the GiMP.
  • Creating a border in the GiMP.
  • Giving your border a simple beveled look using the GiMP.

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  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Eric Kidd


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