VirtualBox 4.0 and Time Tracking on Gnome

  • S04E14
  • December 28, 2010

Robbie demonstrates how to install VirtualBox 4.0 on Linux, and also shows a cool Gnome Applet called Hamster, which allows you to track your time on Linux.

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Christy arrived 5 minutes before the show went live, and Hillary had just called in unable to make it for the news, so Christy joined us very impromptu, with no proofreading or prep.

In the rush, Robbie didn't mention about obtaining and registering the VirtualBox public key for apt-secure.  Please follow the directions on the VirtualBox web site in order to add the key to your computer.
This episode is sponsored in part by: Planet Calypso.

Topics Covered:

  • Eric's Bio: soon to make its debut on the Category5.TV web site.
  • Tali makes a surprise visit on the Category5 set to show off her fancy pen.
  • Robbie picked up a cheap DVD player, and it turned out to be really cool--with USB and SD card reader.  SW2300SX.
  • Happy Birthday to Jot.
  • Viewer Question:  What's the best KVM switch to buy to share my monitor with two computers?
  • DSUB (VGA) vs. DVI.
  • The Category5.TV Studio serves good coffee.
  • Viewer Question:  I'd like to limit the bandwidth of my network's devices, such as the WII.  My router doesn't support this.  Do you have something to recommend?
  • A bit about QoS (Quality of Service) and what it does for your network.
  • Viewer Question:  What's the best way to encrypt an entire volume in Ubuntu 10.10?
  • Software Feature:  Tracking your time in Linux using the Hamster applet for Gnome.
  • Installing the Hamster Gnome Applet to track your time.
  • Adding Hamster (Time Tracker) to Gnome Panel.
  • Setting up the Hamster (Time Tracker) preferences.
  • Special Guest:  Christy [Burton] Van Noort joins us to talk about the news.
  • Snow, snow and more snow in Canada.
  • Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom.
  • Eric delivers a snowball to Christy.
  • Viewer Comment:  Thanks for your help with my computer that was slow to boot: you gave me a lot of great information to solve the problem.  It ended up being the hard drive.
  • Feature:  Oracle VirtualBox 4.0.
  • Some notable new features in VirtualBox 4.0.
  • Obtaining and installing VirtualBox 4.0 for Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X.
  • Figuring out which version of Ubuntu you're using, in the terminal.
  • Adding the VirtualBox repository to apt-get.
  • Eric says something about hockey.
  • Viewer Question:  Have you ever heard of Synergy?
  • Viewer Comment:  Not all Canadian's are "puck chasers"!
  • Obtaining the VirtualBox extensions pack.

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