Web Site Development - Part 1

  • S04E24
  • March 8, 2011

Robbie is joined by graphic designer Christa Wells to begin the series about Web Site Development. In this first part of the series, Christa demonstrates the creativity required to create the design of a professional looking web site.

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Christa Wells designed the 2011 Category5.TV logo. She and Robbie have worked together on a number of projects—her as the designer, him as the programmer.

With the Clonezilla question to upgrade to a bigger hard drive, it should be noted that it's possible the clone'd drive may receive the partition at the smaller size, and require a tool such as gparted be run on the drive to expand that partition to fill the entire drive, before you place it into the DVR. Otherwise, your 500 GB drive may only show up as a 160 GB drive.

Hillary typing over Skype sounds a fair bit like aliens conversing. Once Robbie realized the sound was coming through, he muted it... but you get to hear the aliens for a good while. 17 minutes. :/
This episode is sponsored in part by: Planet Calypso & Pogoplug.

Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson and Christa Wells present in studio, Hillary Rumball joins via Skype Video.
  • Hillary is doing her internship at a TV station and joins us to do the news.
  • Viewer Question: I enjoyed learning about Clonezilla over the past two episodes. Is it possible to clone a DVR hard drive to an external drive to allow me to replace the internal drive with a bigger hard drive? Would the DVR work with the larger drive?
  • Viewer Question: When I run VirtualBox and OpenOffice.org at the same time, OpenOffice.org crashes. What's happening and how do I get it to work?
  • Using terminal to allow you to detect possible crash information or error codes in your applications.
  • The Mac fonts are itty-bitty tiny and hard to read.
  • Robbie talked to Jeff Fochtman at Pogoplug and they will be announcing something big on Thursday - watch the Category5 Newsroom or Robbie's Twitter Feed to get the announcement.
  • What Christa Wells does.
  • What it takes to be a great graphic designer.
  • Christa, as a professional graphic designer, recommends and uses the Wacom Intuos 4 tablet.
  • The learning curve of using a tablet, with the hand-to-eye coordination issue.
  • Photoshop for raster editing, vs. Illustrator for vector editing.
  • The creative flow for web site creation, and planning out the site before you start designing it.
  • Designing for web sometimes means holding back on what is artistic in order to allow it to "work" on the web.
  • Creating your design from scratch.
  • Christa Wells domonstrates the process of creating a web site.
  • Photoshop and rounded corners. The GiMP is better.
  • Viewer Comment: Mac - half the computer for twice the price.
  • How layer masks transcent from the graphic to the programming end of web development.
  • Top stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom.
  • Developing your navigation structure as you create your graphic mockup.
  • Layer Effects in Photoshop are not translated in the GiMP.
  • Creating redundant links to attract site visitors' attention and draw them to your site's sub-content pages.
  • Creating a "Polaroid"-type effect in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Robbie's concerns about all our family photos being stored electronically and not in print.
  • Viewer Comment: Do 35mm slides!
  • Web-safe fonts and how the Google Fonts API has improved the web by providing better fonts for web developers.
  • How Robbie would code multiple-sized fonts in headers using a span and CSS classes.
  • Wirecast 4 overview and information about voting for the winner of the upcoming giveaway.
  • Christa is anti-Windows.
  • Viewer Question: For gaming, Windows has its place.
  • Voting for episodes on the Category5 TV web site.
  • Viewer Question: What kind of output file do you create from Photoshop?
  • Christa's Question: Why is the GiMP called the GiMP?
  • Viewer Question: When you vote for a Wirecast entry, do you have to enter a website URL?
  • Viewer Question: What is the difference between a Vector and a Raster when referring to image formats?
  • Viewer Question: Is the picture on Christa's web site a vector or a raster?

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