Web Development - Part 10

  • S04E33
  • May 10, 2011

Robbie adds Lorem Ipsum placeholder text and some padding to the site layout. Several viewer questions are answered this episode, and two more viewers win 100 points for wearing a cardigan.

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Robbie knows what the problem was with the margin on the bottom of the site. Do you? Take a guess and post your comment below, and then watch episode 191 to see if you were right!
This episode is sponsored in part by: Planet Calypso & Pogoplug.

Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson and Christa Wells present in studio, Hillary Rumball joins via live Skype Video.
  • Robbie thanks Music Pro for helping us with our audio issues this week and providing a microphone to let tonight's show go on.
  • Robbie sadly announces the resignation of Director of Video, John Van Noort.
  • Where Eric has been.
  • Robbie explains some of the financial needs we currently have since the power surge.
  • Thank you to everyone who has donated to Category5 TV.
  • Congratulations to Gadwil for becoming the first viewer to surpass 1,000 Viewer Points.
  • Robbie's cardigan blends into the curtain.
  • Viewer Submitted Pictures from Agamotto and Brian M. Murray.
  • Viewer Question: First and foremost, Robbie is freakin' adorable. On to my question: Do you have a favicon for your site that I can use for my Android phone?
  • Generating a favicon.ico file from a provided image using the Dynamic Drive web-based tool.
  • Viewer Question: How do you install the Pogoplug so it works with Ubuntu 11.04? - see [Episode 166].
  • @Pogoplug responds to Robbie's query.
  • Viewer Question: Could you possibly do a series on setting up an Ubuntu server?
  • Viewer Question: When I try to install sopcast-player, I get an error regarding libstdc++5. How do I get this working?
  • Installing libstdc++5 using apt-get in Ubuntu.
  • Viewer Question: We're trying to develop software on Studio 2008, but the software won't run on Ubuntu using wine. Am I missing some libraries? What can I do to make this work?
  • Top stories from the Category5 TV Newsroom.
  • Thoughts about the Sony PlayStation Network outage and how it will impact consumer confidence.
  • Feature: Web Site Development Part 10. Adding Lorem Ipsum placeholder text and padding your text's body area.
  • Using Lorem Ipsum text to fill your website pages temporarily for demos, testing and development.
  • Using CSS to add padding to the left, right, top or bottom of your element.
  • Setting your font color using CSS.
  • Adding a margin to your element in CSS.
  • This is the final week to vote for your favorite entry for the Wirecast giveaway.
  • Thoughts about Apple, Microsoft, Linux and life in general.
  • Robbie's Question: What's with Apple fanboys and their need to show the Apple logo?

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