Web Development - Part 12

  • S04E35
  • May 24, 2011

Robbie finishes off the web development series with Search Engine Optimization, and offers a free online tool for Search Engine Submission.

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Robbie said we cannot have a second "microphone", but meant second "video camera".
This episode is sponsored in part by: Planet Calypso & Pogoplug.

Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson, Christa Wells and Hillary Rumball present in studio.
  • Due to our server damage following a recent power storm, Category5 TV temporarily cannot host more than one camera. Please consider donating. cat5.tv/c
  • The microphone Robbie's using seems promising - an Apex575 headset with XLR adapter.
  • Viewer Question: Since the Web Development series is over, does that mean Christa will be leaving us?
  • Christa's bio is online, and she was a superstar gymnast.
  • New Web Site Feature: Category5 TV Viewer Location Map
  • Viewer Photos of the Week from Jan Olav (200), JoeCool (100), Jot (100), Raptor222 (100) and Tordeu (100).
  • Viewer Questions: How can I turn a color image into a black and white one in the GIMP without using desaturate?
  • Viewer Question: I'm running Windows 7 for gaming, but really would love to have Linux installed so I can dual boot, but I need to do it with a secondary hard drive as my Windows 7 drive is too small for dual-boot. What do I do?
  • Viewer Comment: You need to give Christa a cookie so she can never leave.
  • Robbie gives Christa a cookie. She is no longer allowed to leave.
  • Viewer Question: Could you do a tutorial on setting up Gnome 3 in Ubuntu?
  • Viewer Comment: You should offer DVD sets of the Web Development series as insentive for viewer donations.
  • Viewer Question: How many folks out there like the interface on the new Ubuntu?
  • Top Stories from the Category5 TV Newsroom.
  • Feature: Web Development Part 12 - Search Engine Optimization and Submission.
  • Search Engine Optimization vs. Search Engine Submission.
  • Setting up an SEO file for inclusion using a nested PHP include.
  • Creating default title, keyword and description tags for your web site using PHP strings.
  • How keywords work, and what you need to know before you start creating keywords for your site.
  • Understanding keyword saturation in relation to Search Engine Optimization.
  • Case sensitivity, search engines, and meta keywords.
  • The meta description: is it needed? (Who cares—do it anyway).
  • How to echo in PHP using <?= ?>
  • Testing a simple filename search command in PHP and developing a system to detect which file is currently being viewed in order to interpret data based on which page your user is on.
  • Using phpinfo() to find out information about your PHP instance.
  • Using $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] to search PHP's environment for the current filename.
  • Using Addpro's free tool to submit your site to search indexes. (Note: if you're ready, pay the ~$50 and get their commercial service—it's worth it!)
  • Prize Giveaway: Category5 TV and Telestream award a lucky viewer with a free copy of the Wirecast video broadcast suite. Congratulations to Anthony Fear!
  • Another Prize Giveaway: Category5 TV awards two Pogoplug Pro devices. Congratulations to JOWar and jonathan!

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