Installing Ubuntu 11.10

  • S05E02
  • October 4, 2011

To kick off Season 5, Robbie and Hillary show how to install Ubuntu 11.10 Linux on your computer.

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Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson and Hillary Rumball present live from the Category5 studios in Barrie, Ontario.
  • The new server is built, and Robbie did a 9-hour broadcast on Saturday to teach viewers how to build a computer.
  • Robbie's thoughts about the goofy media coverage of Apple's press conference.
  • With Halloween coming up, make sure you place your costume orders at the Category5 Costume Store -
  • The Liquid Image video camera masks.
  • Feature: Installing Ubuntu 11.10 Linux.
  • Unity feels great for tablet or touch-screen, but not for mouse users.
  • Ubuntu is a free operating system which you can download from
  • You can test Ubuntu Linux without having to install it or lose any of your hard drive's data using the live CD's "Try Ubuntu" mode.
  • The first screens we see when installing Ubuntu Linux.
  • Robbie uses MP3 files on his Pogoplug so he can stream music to his iPod Touch without having to go through iTunes.
  • Ubuntu Linux has a multitasking installer, so if you walk away from the computer during the installation it will keep going even if you don't answer the few questions right away.
  • Setting your timezone during Ubuntu installation.
  • Setting your keyboard layout during Ubuntu installation.
  • Setting up your first Ubuntu user during installation.
  • Do we set our system to automatically login, or do we prefer to have to use a password?
  • Viewer Question: I've been a long-time fan of the show, watching through Miro and iTunes. My brother has an XP machine that blue-screens on bootup. I've tried using the rescue CD but it just reboots. I've tried Ubuntu Live via USB but it doesn't see the hard drives. Is the problem a rootkit? (answer: no, not likely) Is it a hardware issue? (answer: yes, more likely)
  • Memtest is included with Ubuntu Live, which will help assess the stability of your RAM.
  • Robbie explains his concerns over a failing hard drive and when you should stop trying and go to data recovery.
  • Viewer Question: Should you just run Spinrite?
  • The best—and cheapest—way to prevent data loss is to have an effective, redundant backup in place.
  • Welcome to Season 5!
  • Viewer Comment: Hillary looks so pretty.
  • Viewer Comment: Robbie has a nice bald head.
  • Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom.
  • Continuing our Feature: Ubuntu is installed and ready for review.
  • Follow us on Twitter: @RobbieFerguson and @HillaryRumball. And/or follow the show, @Category5TV.
  • Please snail-mail us your post cards.
  • Viewer Question: Through the help of Category5 TV, I'm really close to getting my Pogoplug working on Linux, but I keep getting the error "Cannot connect to server". What do you suggest?
  • Looking at Ubuntu 11.10's Unity interface.
  • A couple of the key features of the new Ubuntu 11.10, which will be released on October 13th.
  • Ubuntu 11.10's strongest point is probably the improved Ubuntu Software Centre. Unity itself, while much more refined and stable than 11.04, is still non-intuitive for mouse users.
  • Using the Ubuntu Software Centre in Ubuntu 11.10 to find and install Linux applications.
  • Ubuntu's Unity in 11.10 is much more refined than in 11.04.
  • The different interface of Ubuntu's Unity, and how to find your applications.
  • With Ubuntu 11.10 you can sync your installed applications across multiple computers.
  • What does it mean that both Canonical (Ubuntu Unity) and Microsoft (Windows 8) are developing their next-gen operating systems for touch-screen?
  • Why the sound is now fantastic on Category5.TV: Music Pro Barrie.
  • Hillary gives a verbal high-five.
  • Robbie and Eric slaved over brick and mortar to make the studio look so good for Season 5. Not really; it's a legit studio set.
  • Viewer Testimonials.

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