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Ubuntu 12.04 - Linux for Human Beings

  • Episode 241
  • May 1, 2012

Robbie and Erika take a look at Ubuntu 12.04, the latest long term support release of the Ubuntu Linux operating system.

This episode is sponsored in part by: Eco Alkalines, Garden Gate Farms and Cordery Electric.

Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson and Erika Lalonde present live from the Category5 studios in Barrie, Ontario.
  • Catching up with Erika.
  • Viewer Question: I was advised to watch your episode 103 and 104 about unRAID. How am I able to watch those episodes?
  • Using to watch any episode of Category5 TV on demand.
  • Send in your postcards.
  • Viewer Question: Have you tested Ubuntu 12.04? Will perfectbuntu work with it?
  • {play 9:40}Giveaway: A year supply of Eco Alkalines batteries. Congratulations to Pascal Tetrault!
  • Lionel Lalonde from Eco Alkalines joins Robbie in studio to talk about the exciting arrival of Eco Alkalines batteries in Canada, USA and Europe.
  • Viewer Question: Are Eco Alkalines available in Europe?
  • Viewer Question: My laptop is making a clicking noise when I power it up. I was listening to music, and the clicking started and the music stopped playing. Could it be that my hard drive is on its way out?
  • Why a hard drive might make a clicking sound when it is dying.
  • Viewer Comment: Sometimes you'll hear a click when the heads park when shutting down a computer.
  • {play 22:39}Discussion about backups and the importance of always having an up-to-date backup.
  • VHS and Robbie's household.
  • Viewer Question: Are there any good tools on Linux to do data recovery on an ext4 partition?
  • The photorec tool which comes with the testdisk Linux package allows exceptional file recovery.
  • Thoughts about the potential dangers of doing your own data recovery in the event of a pending hardware failure.
  • {play 28:05}Feature: Ubuntu 12.04 - Linux for Human Beings.
  • Ubuntu... "Better for business". Or at least that's what we heard.
  • Installing Ubuntu Linux on your Windows computer without losing your existing software and files.
  • Obtaining the Ubuntu installer for Windows which allows you to install Ubuntu easily on Microsoft Windows--a great way for new Linux users to test the Linux desktop without overwriting their Windows system.
  • The core differences, to the end user, between Linux and Windows.
  • Viruses, or not?
  • Linux is a free alternative to Mac OS or Microsoft Windows which runs on your existing PC hardware.
  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS will receive long term support release patches and updates for the next 5 years.
  • A first look at Ubuntu 12.04.
  • The general layout of Ubuntu 12.04 with Unity.
  • Using the Unity Dash search feature to find an application or file by name.
  • Microsoft Office alternatives for Word, Excel and PowerPoint are all included with Ubuntu 12.04.
  • Looking around Ubuntu 12.04's pre-installed applications.
  • Using the intuitive "System Settings" control panel of Ubuntu 12.04.
  • Setting up a personal backup on Ubuntu 12.04.
  • Looking at Ubuntu Software Centre, which allows you to install both free and commercial programs available in the software centre without having to track down web sites, buy CDs, or go through the regular hoops of software installation.
  • Searching in Ubuntu Software Centre using keywords rather than applications names.
  • Microsoft Office file compatibility between Windows and Ubuntu Linux.
  • Saving office files in Microsoft formats so your friends, colleagues and co-workers can open the files in their Microsoft Office software.
  • Obtaining an Ubuntu 12.04 CD ISO, ready to burn to a CD-R disk and install on your computers.
  • 32-bit vs 64-bit downloads of Ubuntu 12.04.
  • Viewer Comment: Show Erika Compiz.
  • What Compiz is, basically.
  • Viewer Comment: I thought Unity didn't work with Compiz.
  • Printers and Ubuntu 12.04. They just work.
  • Ubuntu 11.x... Canonical's "Vista"? Maybe "ME" would be a better comparison?
  • Linux is no longer a "hacker" or "geek-exclusive" operating system.
  • Erika re. Justin Beeber: "Not a fan".
  • The high costs of proprietary software keep schools behind the times, often teaching our children software that was released a decade ago. Perhaps switching to open source would allow them to keep on top of current technologies rather than carrying on with old on account of price.
  • Switching to Open Source software may allow a restructuring of budget to allow for newer hardware.
  • If Linux will do all we need (surfing the web, email, office productivity, games, etc) why should we even bother with Windows?
  • Why we're focussed on Ubuntu and not other distros tonight.

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