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Debian as a LAMP Server Virtual Machine

  • Episode 256
  • August 14, 2012

Robbie and Eric install Debian in a virtual machine and demonstrate it as an easy-to-build web server. And then they tear down the studio.

This episode is sponsored in part by: Netflix, Eco Alkalines and Cordery Electric.

Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson and Eric Kidd present from the Category5 studios in Barrie, Ontario.
  • The upcoming move.
  • Greetings to people joining us in the chat room.
  • Viewer Question: Isn't this an awesome world?
  • {play 8:49}Viewer Questions.
  • Viewer Question: Ubuntu 12.04 hosed my setup and I had to install it fresh. I'm having trouble getting fstab to load my RAID and another hard drive at startup. Once I add it to fstab, I can't boot.
  • Viewer Question: I use Wirecast for Mac. When using my Canon HV40 video camera and Logitech USB webcam, I'm getting audio lag on the webcam. I connect the audio through the HV40 camera to bring all the audio into Wirecast. What am I doing wrong?
  • Eric's Comment: Christa Wells has a very cool business card.
  • Viewer Question: Have you heard of XAMPP? Would it be easier to use than Turnkey Linux?
    • Understanding the differences between Turnkey LAMP (see Episode 169), LAMP, XAMPP, etc. as ways to run your web server.
  • Viewer Question: Are you still going to cover installing mySQL, PHP and Apache on the fit-PC3?
  • Viewer Comment: I have a Zotac ZBOX Mini-PC and am hoping to set it up as a web server.
  • Viewer Question: I have a problem installing Linux Mint 13 on my computer. The installation goes well and everything works, but after modifying my fstab file, I can no longer boot.
    • Testing your fstab file with sudo mount -a before rebooting to ensure your settings are correct.
  • Viewer Question: What does it mean when people say Linux Mint uses TTY8 instead of TTY7?
    • Switching TTY screens on Linux.
  • Eric's Question: What does TTY stand for?
  • {play 31:46}Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom
  • {play 36:33}Post Card from Haliburton, Ontario
  • {play 38:44}Feature: Installing Debian as a LAMP server in a virtual machine.
    • Obtaining the Debian Linux ISO
    • Creating a virtual machine on VirtualBox
    • Setting up your virtual machine before the first boot
    • Installing Debian in a virtual machine
    • Booting Debian for the first time
    • Determining your IP address upon first boot so you can test Apache connections
    • Creating an SSH connection to your Debian installation
    • Testing your Apache server by editing the default index.html file in /var/www/
    • Using su in Debian instead of sudo
  • How Debian is different from the Turnkey Linux LAMP stack.
  • {play 54:35}Viewer Question: I can't get the Category5.TV RSS feeds to work on my Android anymore using Doggcatcher. How can I get it to work? - [Was answered on Episode 247]
  • Using the Category5.TV "Search our Network" feature.
  • Using the various play options on Category5.TV to play an episode from a specific point.
  • Viewer Comment: Hi Robbie, from Haliburton!
  • {play 58:52}Tear down of Studio B - Robbie and Eric pack up and get the studio ready to move.

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  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Eric Kidd



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