Easy, Effective Mockups for Web Site or App Developers

  • Episode 277
  • January 8, 2013

Demonstrating Mockups Desktop - a cross-platform tool for creating app or web site mockups quickly. Also speaking to Richard Collins from Ubuntu Mobile about Canonical's mobile phone OS.

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Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson and Christa Wells present from the Category5 studios in Barrie, Ontario. Richard Collins from Ubuntu Mobile joins us via Skype Video.
  • {play 4:31}It's CES Week! Visit Eco Alkalines at South Hall 4, booth # 35221. Tell them you saw them on Category5 TV and you'll receive free Eco Alkalines batteries.
  • {play 6:54}Interview: Richard Collins, Product Manager for Ubuntu Mobile, joins us to talk about what we can expect from Ubuntu Mobile.
    • The introduction of Ubuntu for smartphones.
    • Ubuntu Mobile vs. Ubuntu for Android.
    • What will make Ubuntu Mobile stand out from iOS or Android.
    • An early glimpse at the new Ubuntu Mobile OS running on a Galaxy Nexus.
    • The Ubuntu Mobile lock screen is unconventional, and Richard shows us how to unlock the Ubuntu Mobile phone.
    • The Ubuntu Launcher is a big part of Ubuntu Mobile.
    • The security question: what will protect the user's phone from someone unlocking it?
    • The Ubuntu Mobile hardware (currently running on the Galaxy Nexus) approach.
    • Ubuntu Mobile's interaction with Ubuntu One — the "cloud". Ubuntu One will be an embedded part of the OS out-of-the-box.
    • The problem with today's smartphone vs. desktop architecture: every device has a different OS. Ubuntu's approach to this interface challenge to allow Ubuntu to transcend device architecture. This is also an advantage to developers since their applications will work on Ubuntu desktops, smartphones and tablets.
    • How Ubuntu Mobile will tackle the app marketplace issue: iOS and Android have been around for some time, and Ubuntu Mobile is entering that space late in the game.
    • Ubuntu Mobile's deep integration of HTML5 means web applications can be made to be presented as a native application.
    • The process of app creation on Ubuntu Mobile.
    • The Ubuntu Mobile developer SDK is available through ubuntu.com/gomobile.
    • Ubuntu Mobile is at CES this week, with hands-on demonstrations.
    • Ubuntu Mobile on smartphone hardware should be available early 2014. It will be downloadable before that time for users wishing to install it on their existing devices.
    • The availability of apps from competing platforms such as iOS or Android on Ubuntu Mobile.
    • Ubuntu Linux: big on the desktop and server, and now making its way onto the Mobile platform.
  • {play 30:33}Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom.
  • Why viewers should use our special link (cat5.tv/netflix) to get a free one month trial of Category5 TV.
  • {play 39:57}Feature: Using Balsamiq Mockups Desktop to create web application mockup prototypes, easily.
    • Mockups Web Demo lets you load Mockups in your web browser.
    • Obtaining and installing Balsamiq Mockups Desktop on Linux (also compatible with Mac & Windows).
      • Finding out whether your Linux machine is 32 or 64-bit to help you know which .deb package to download.
      • Using Ubuntu Software Center to install Mockups Desktop. Of course, you can also use dpkg, etc.
      • Obtaining and installing the needed Adobe Air installer for Linux users at cat5.tv/air.
      • Now that Adobe Air is installed, Mockups Desktop can be installed form a .deb package.
    • Launching Balsamiq Mockups for the first time.
    • Laying out your mockup with simple drag-and-drop operatoins.
    • Why Mockups Desktop creates mockups which look like rough sketches.
    • Adding elements such as a menu, Google map, and form fields on your mockup.
    • Placing text and paragraphs on your mockup.
    • Adding links to your mockup so it becomes a working prototype.
    • Mockups Desktop provides key lines to make alignment of your elements very easy.
    • Running your mockup in full-screen mode to allow navigation when presenting your mockup to a client.
    • Exporting your mockups to PDF so you can share a working mockup prototype with your customer.
    • Get a free trial of Mockups Desktop at cat5.tv/mockups.

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  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Christa Wells


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