Making Your Web Site Faster with Cloud-Based JavaScript Hosting

  • Episode 296
  • May 21, 2013

Robbie and Christa show you how simply changing your JavaScript hosting from your own server to "the cloud" will noticeably speed up your web site.

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Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson and Christa Wells present from the Category5 studios in Barrie, Ontario.
  • Our Mobile Web Site has been upgraded to support more mobile devices during the live show, with both live video and audio feeds.
  • Category5.TV now has individual photo galleries on episode show notes pages.
  • {play 5:51}Feature: Make your web site faster by hosting your JavaScript in "the cloud" with CDNJS.
    • Making your web site load fast is very important.
    • "The Cloud" (Content Distribution Networks) allow you to tap into an infrastructure much more powerful (and faster) than your own web server.
    • Robbie uses fancyBox as a good example code to test performance on our own server vs hosting JavaScript via CDNJS.
    • Using GTmetrix to test the speed and performance of your web site.
    • For the demonstration, Robbie uses a normal Fancybox Installation and a copy optimized with CDNJS.
    • What JavaScript is and how we're able to speed up its loadtime without compromizing anything.
    • Comparing the versatility of Google Hosted Libraries to that of CDNJS. For an interesting test (and its results), visit Robbie's Blog about Google vs. CDNJS for jQuery.
    • Obtaining the CDNJS copy of the JavaScript, CSS and even images for your site's JavaScript code.
    • Understanding the file naming (eg, .js vs .min.js) on CDNJS and making your selection.
    • Why CDNJS uses // instead of http:// or https://.
    • Using GTmetrix to compare two web sites, or two versions of the same web site.
    • Simply adding the use of CDNJS has reduced our demo web page's load time by ~2/3.
    • Browser Caching across multiple sites makes CDNJS libraries perform even faster.
  • {play 28:06}Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom
  • {play 36:40}Viewer Questions
  • Viewer Comment: I just watched the nostalgic gamer episode, and did it ever bring back memories! The first game I played at home was Forbidden Forest on the VIC-20. Interesting note about the cassette decks is that they were actually 300 baud modems.
  • Viewer Question: In Episode 266 you answered a viewer question about editing your fstab file to mount a NAS over SMBFS on Linux. Since upgrading to Debian 7, it no longer works for me since Debian says SMBFS is no longer supported. How can I get this working again on my Debian 7 system?
    • Installing cifs-utils on Linux.
    • Editing your /etc/fstab file to support a cifs mountpoint as per the previous lesson using SMBFS.
    • Some advantages of CIFS over SMBFS.
    • Using the mount -a command to test your /etc/fstab file without rebooting.
  • {play 44:28}Viewer Comment: To followup to my question from Episode 295, I have not had any luck getting Steam to work on Point Linux 64-bit, but also I haven't been able to get Evolution working. So I've switched back to Zorin OS.
    • Evolution is a free alternative to Microsoft Outlook for Linux.
    • Installing Evolution from within Synaptic Package Manager on Point Linux.
  • A word of advice for Eric: If you visit Australia, don't say "d'day mate"... it'll make you look like a tourist.
  • {play 51:16}A clever phishing scam, seemingly from LogMeIn, arrived in the Category5 inbox.
  • Viewer Comment: I have a problem with sshfs. When I mount my 2TB drive, it reports the wrong amount of space, so when I copy large files it says it is out of space.
  • Viewer Question: How do you make a group in Linux without a GUI?
    • Note: We were running out of time when this question came in, but the command, as super user, is: groupadd

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  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Christa Wells


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