Viewer Question Extravaganza (Solo Style)

  • Episode 308
  • August 13, 2013

The 2013 "Vacation Episode", Robbie tackles the mailbag on his own and answers a plethora of excellent viewer questions and shares your comments.

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This episode was 10 minutes late when live, so if you are following along in the chat logs, 7:10pm is actually the start of the video. 7:45pm in the chat logs is just 35 minutes in.

The feature previously scheduled for this time slot (Creating a Virtual Machine of Your Real System - Part 2) has been rebooked for September 17th (Episode 313).
This episode is sponsored in part by: Eco Alkalines.

Topics Covered:

  • Robbie Ferguson presents live from the Category5 studios in Barrie, Ontario.
  • Viewer Comment: This reminds me of the old days when Robbie would do the show solo, with no co-host.
  • Using TeamViewer, Robbie is able to help with specific computer issues for Category5 TV viewers.
  • Greetings to those in the chat room.
  • {play 6:36}Viewer Comment: Thank you for the lesson on ffDiaporama. I've been looking for something for Linux that would compare with ProShow Gold but would run on Linux and that did it.
  • {play 7:58}Viewer Postcard: Dennis Kelley sends a postcard from an 1800's era village in Michigan, USA.
  • {play 11:25}How to send Robbie a private message in the chat room during a live broadcast.
  • {play 12:15}Viewer Question: Do you have a Disneyland in Canada? No - but we have Canada's Wonderland, which was cool when both it and Star Trek were owned by Paramount, but is now just a themeless theme park.
  • {play 13:00}Viewer Comment: I found your site when looking up some Linux stuff for kids. Can I suggest you add approximate times to the show notes of individual broadcasts? We have! But it is not retroactive to very old episodes.
  • {play 15:32}Viewer Question: I got Ubuntu 13.04 working! The only problem I have now is that I have about 10 too many partitions after several failed attempts to get Linux installed. Can they be converged into one?
  • How Robbie got going with Linux by using a separate hard drive.
  • {play 22:03}Thank you to viewers who have been able to send in donations. Robbie explains what donations are helping with at this time: the Studio D renovation. To help fund the project, Robbie has taken on extra work as a volunteer, where all proceeds are going toward the studio build.
  • Using the Category5 radio feed (available via our Mobile Site) uses less bandwidth than the video feed, which is perfect for cellphone use.
  • {play 27:07}Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom.
    • A transit system traveling at 4,000 miles per hour has been proposed by Elon Musk.
    • TOR users are being urged to stop using Microsoft Windows.
    • The latest security breach: An Android app that lets you spray rich people with their own toilet water.
    • Resistive RAM can place 1 TB of data on a single chip at 100x the performance of a mechanical hard drive.
  • {play 38:04}Viewer Comment: I thought I'd pass this information on to you and your viewers: I discovered that it is now possible to backup your Blu-ray movies using free software in Linux using MakeMKV. Check out for a script that installs MakeMKV on Linux.
    • Robbie describes why DVD/Blu-ray backups are important to him.
  • {play 43:07}Viewer Question: Jim calls in to ask: On Ubuntu 13.04, you can't right-click on a drive to format it. Is there a way to add that?
  • {play 49:34}Viewer Comment: Thanks to Robbie's persistence in promoting effective backups, I finally setup a good off-site backup solution.
    • How Robbie learned to backup the hard way.
    • Viewer Comment: A backup is only a backup if you can effectively restore it.
    • Why consumer CD/DVD media should not be trusted for backups even though pro optical media lasts for many, many years.
  • {play 56:53}Viewer Question: I'm on Ubuntu 13.04. I can watch past episodes, but can't watch live. I installed Flash but it didn't help. Is there something else I need to install?
  • {play 58:49}Viewer Question: Is there an add-on for LibreOffice that will allow automatic translation to other languages? My wife wrote a book that is available worldwide, and I'd like to translate it to various languages. I'd rather use Linux, but can't find a tool. Is there anything you recommend?
    • Not a LibreOffice extension, but instead an online translation service that allows you to upload a LibreOffice ODT file, and then download a translated copy. It's available at

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