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Viewer Question Extravaganza

  • Episode 331
  • January 21, 2014

The mailbag is full, and you control the show. We launch the Merch Store and answer questions about Linux on servers and laptops, vishing, bash script memory leaks, WYSIWYG web site editing on Linux, getting a job, the coldest day of the year and a new Linux flavor to replace Windows XP.

Topics Covered:

  • {play 4:03}Contest Announcement: Win a copy of Telestream Wirecast 5 Pro.
  • {play 5:11}The Category5 Merch Store is now open for business! Get licensed merchandise and support Category5 Technology TV at the same time. Use the coupon code grandopening to save 10% on your cart.
  • {play 9:37}Viewer Question: I have a Dell Poweredge 2950 server. Would it be good for video? Would it run Linux?
  • {play 15:47}Viewer Comment: Vishing is on the rise.
  • {play 19:33}Viewer Question: I'm relatively new to Linux and just bought an Intel Y500 laptop. Ubuntu runs really sluggish. Is there anything I can do to get my machine faster? I'm thinking of trying a different Linux distro such as Debian.
  • {play 24:16}Viewer Question: I'm new to Linux and loving it more and more each day. I'm even newer to bash scripting and am loving it as well. I've written a script to run on the DD-WRT firmware on my router, but after a day of running, everything starts to run really slow. How can I use the top command to determine what's going on?
  • {play 31:40}Viewer Question: I have a web site I have to maintain. It was built with Serif WebPlus X6, which is a web site design tool for people who know nothing about coding. Is there anything for Linux I can use to work on this site?
  • {play 34:28}How to pronounce WYSIWYG in English.
  • {play 35:48}Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom
    • A European spacecraft has awoken from its 10 year journey close to Jupiter, and it's about to do something amazing—we'll tell you what!
    • You thought your fridge was only good for storing leftover spam, but now it can package it up and send it to an inbox near you! We'll got news about the latest exploit turning smart appliances into botnet super-spammers!
    • Nintendo released a report on Friday and by Monday their shares plummeted by 18%. Find out what they said tonight on Category5 TV.
    • Also, there's a controversial proposal being considered by Waste Diversion Ontario that could reduce the efficiency of battery recycling in our beautiful province, and we won't have it!
  • {play 46:18}Welcome to our newly registered viewers.
  • {play 50:15}Viewer Comment: Something about the temperature of the planet.
  • {play 51:34}Viewer Question: I recently saw your great video from Episode 294, Internet For Beginners: Finding What You Need with Google. How would I search for a truck driver job? I have my license but had a small accident during training. How would I search for someone who would hire me?
  • {play 57:42}Viewer Question: Could Q4OS be the operating system to help Windows XP users convert to Linux? Check out
  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Eric Kidd



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