Manage Your Passwords and Protect Your Digital Legacy

  • Episode 332
  • January 28, 2014

Robbie and Sasha discuss CES 2014's "Best Mobile App", PasswordBox with Maeghan Smulders. An app for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile that does much more than your average password manager.

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Topics Covered:

  • {play 2:16}Interview: Maeghan Smulders is the Director of Product Marketing & Communications for PasswordBox, and she joins us to discuss their software which won "Best Mobile App" at the 2014 CES Mobile App Showdown in Las Vegas.
    • Check out PasswordBox here:
    • Understanding what PasswordBox is, and what it does.
    • The inspiration for PasswordBox: what would happen to your digital stuff if you were to die?
    • Legacy Locker protects your digital stuff if something should happen to you.
    • Using PasswordBox makes your master password the last password you ever have to remember.
    • Understanding how PasswordBox keeps your private user account information safe from prying eyes, even if they were hacked.
    • PasswordBox fills in your login and passwords for you.
    • If you lose your phone or other device with PasswordBox on it, you can lock them out easily by changing your master password.
    • PasswordBox stores your credit card info or even private notes securely.
    • Automated form filling is coming soon to PasswordBox.
    • How PasswordBox verifies the death of a user in order to distribute password access to your digital beneficiary.
    • The average user has $55,000 worth of digital assets online.
    • The cost of PasswordBox: Free version supports up to 25 passwords, and $11.99 per year gives you unlimited.
    • How businesses can leverage PasswordBox with the Enterprise version of PasswordBox with secure password sharing, instant login and user level access control allowing administrators to add or revoke access at a user level.
    • The PasswordBox browser extension, while currently listed on the web site as Mac or Windows compatible, it works fine on Linux with no extra effort. Grab it from
    • The auto-lock feature forces a user to enter the master password in order to access passwords and services. This is ideal in case your device is stolen.
    • Giveaway Announcement: A free lifetime membership to PasswordBox! Sign up at, then email including the email address you used for your PasswordBox registration. We'll conduct a draw on Episode 332 and if you win, we'll upgrade your account to a lifetime membership (based on email address)!
  • {play 23:57}Our mobile site and how the intervalometer gives our gallery some awesome photos like this.
  • {play 25:00}Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom.
    • The FBI are cracking down on several “hackers for hire” services and have made a number of arrests.
    • LogMeIn has stiffed its users by giving them just 7 days to pay up, or move out.
    • Starting to see a trend? Google just bought UK artificial intelligence start-up DeepMind.
    • Bitcoin developers hope to replace the current Internet with something new, that pays you to use it. In Bitcoin, of course.
  • {play 34:00}Viewer Question: Can you please sit a little closer to Sasha?
  • {play 34:48}The Category5 Merch Store at has some great shirts and other Category5.TV gear.
  • {play 36:30}Welcome to our newly registered viewers.
  • {play 37:40}Viewer Question: I really enjoyed Episode 236 when you showed how to start an online TV show using Telestream Wirecast. I am starting my own show and purchased a second-hand Behringer Ultramizer Pro. I was wondering, could you help me understand how to set it up based on the settings you use at Category5 TV?
    • Walking through our settings on the Behringer Ultramizer Pro.
    • PS - You can pick up an Ultramizer Pro or other compressor/limiter/gate by searching at
    • Hearing the difference between having a BBE Sonic Maximizer and not having one.
    • Viewer Question: Is there any software that does the same thing as the Ultramizer Pro?
  • {play 49:05}Viewer Question: Being a fan of MATE desktop, I had to flinch: MATE is not pronounced "mate" as in "buddy," but is mate as in the tea. It reminds me of the old you-bunn-too days.
  • {play 51:30}Viewer Question: I saw the episode of Category5 where you demonstrated the use of Sparkbooth with your wedding photobooth. I noticed though that the resulting images had a bit of a motion blur to them. Is it possible to resolve that?
  • {play 54:40}Viewer Question: I enjoyed Episode 330 where you demonstrated the D5100 connected to a computer via HDMI. Which device was used to capture the video? Were there any problems capturing the stream? Did the copy protection cause any issues?
  • {play 57:56}Viewer Question: I'm looking for desktop publishing software that will run on Linux and Windows 7, and that has a professional finish. Do you have any suggestions?
  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Sasha Dirmeitis


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