Add USB Charge Ports to Your Wall Receptacles

  • Episode 341
  • April 1, 2014

We welcome Bailey J Thompson to the show and look at NewerTechnology's Power2U electrical receptacle, which adds two 2.5A USB charging ports to an otherwise standard power outlet.

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Topics Covered:

  • April Fools: The new microphone apparently makes our new co-host sound like a Goa'uld.
    • Note: While the supposed "issue" is just an April Fools joke, the microphone and donation that made it happen are very real. Big thanks to Jot for making that happen for us.
  • {play 4:57}Welcome Bailey J Thompson to the Category5 TV team.
  • {play 8:37}Feature: NewerTechnology Power2U Adds Two 2.5A USB Charge Ports to a Standard Power Receptacle.
    • Installing a Power2U Receptacle:
      Note: If you are nervous about performing this install, please ask a friend or family member who have electrical experience for help.
      1. Cutting of electricity to the receptacle so it is safe to work on.
      2. Making sure the Power2U will fit in your receptacle box.
      3. Remove the old receptacle.
      4. Determining where the wires will go on our Power2U receptacle.
      5. Installing the Power2U receptacle.
      6. Having trouble getting the USB port to work? It may be the faceplate not making contact with the USB power switches.
      7. Once installed, use either the lamp test, or preferably a GB tester (also available through to make sure you wired everything correctly.
      8. Test the USB port by plugging in a USB device and seeing if it charges.
  • {play 21:35}Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom
    • BlackBerry has won the court order, and Ryan Seacrest won't be allowed to follow his dream of making the iPhone more useable.
    • The government in Turkey have begun hijacking web site addresses.
    • {play 26:04}A newly discovered exploit in Microsoft products allows attackers to take control of your computer by simply sending you an email or file.
      • This story sparks a conversation about why Windows XP users have to switch this week, and why it affects everyone who uses XP.
      • Don't just bandaid your Microsoft Office product: switch to LibreOffice (which is free).
    • Police hope to cut off revenue streams for piracy sites by sharing a list of verified illegal web sites with advertising agencies in hopes that they'll cut them off.
    • One of the fake Microsoft support call scammers is going to jail.
  • {play 39:54}Viewer Comment: PasswordBox is a great application and I love it! Thank you to the Category5 TV and PasswordBox teams. I'm from Sri Lanka where we don't have any technology TV shows, so we watch Category5 TV each and every week.
  • {play 40:43}Viewer Question: On Episode 332 Maeghan Smulders talked about a secondary password that your digital beneficiary can use to decrypt your information in event of your death. If this ability is available to your digital beneficiary, what is to stop malicious users or even government or law enforcement from accessing your passwords and other information stored on PasswordBox?
  • {play 46:37}Viewer Question: Is it safe to store your online banking password in PasswordBox?
  • {play 49:17}Viewer Comment: On TWiT (unconfirmed), they said most hacks on Windows XP are user error or viruses, and that since ATMs (for example) do not "surf the web" or watch cat videos on YouTube, plus the fact that they're protected by VPNs and firewalls, we shouldn't be so concerned.
    • Portscan attacks are being used by hackers to determine whether connected computers can be exploited and any XP system is more vulnerable than say Windows 7, Linux or Mac.
  • {play 54:10}Viewer Question: Can you send faxes through the netTALK Duo WiFi?
  • {play 55:06}Product Giveaway: Congratulations to gpop7 who won a sheet of two of our 6-Inch Premium Vinyl Logo Stickers.
  • {play 58:34}Viewer Question: I'd like to be able to create text-based memes for promoting my blog on Facebook. How can I do that?
  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Bailey J Thompson


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