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Heartbleed, Free Batteries, and a Viewer Question Extravaganza

  • Episode 343
  • April 15, 2014

Robbie and Kelsey discuss what you need to know about Heartbleed, and answer a slew of viewer questions. Also announcing our Earth Day contest: win a year supply of Eco Alkalines batteries.

We used one of the Logitech C920 webcams for our main camera this week to see if we could get good picture without the flicker.

Topics Covered:

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  • {play 5:00}Some talk about Heartbleed. Make sure you review this awesome article on Mashable.
  • {play 10:57}Please support Category5 TV by throwing a tip into the tip jar at
  • {play 11:58}Viewer Question: On Episode 337 you showed how to move your /home folder to a new hard drive, and when I tried it I broke my system. How do I put it back to the way it was?
  • {play 14:02}Viewer Question: Can you use drag-and-drop operations to move your /home folder in Linux?
  • {play 17:40}Viewer Question: I'm looking to replace my company web site. I'd like it to be open source, and secure. I've used Joomla but I hear it is a target for hackers. Are there any out of the box solutions available?
    • Why maintenance is so important thing when building your own web site, especially when using open code such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.
    • There are web developers (such as Robbie Ferguson) for hire who will take care of maintenance on your web site so you can focus on content.
    • Why WordPress may be a better choice than Joomla: the update process.
  • {play 25:12}Viewer Question: I'm trying to get my Kodak ESP 3.2 AiO to work with Linux but I can't get it to print. I found a new version of the driver online but I don't know how to install it from a tarball.
    • What a tarball is.
  • Viewer Question: Can you run Microsoft Office and E-Sword together in a virtual machine?
    • Before you go to the effort of a vitual machine, see if your application runs natively in Linux using wine. For example: E-Sword.
    • Viewer Comment: Don't forget about Crossover on Linux, one of the commercial versions of wine.
  • {play 34:19}Viewer Question: Is either YouTube or Ustream adaptive?
  • {play 36:50}Top Stories from the Category5.TV Newsroom
    • A smartphone battery has been revealed that can be fully recharged in under 30 seconds
    • Google has invested in another robotics company, which only adds to our conspiracy theories that we're closer to iRobot than anyone would like to admit
    • Say “Hello” to 4K video on Netflix, but you just can't have it because your TV isn't good enough
    • The United States Air Force is testing Google Glass for battlefield use
    • Finally–glow in the dark road markers are showing up in The Netherlands
  • {play 45:51}Contest Announcement: Win a year supply of Eco Alkalines batteries.
    1. LIKE Eco Alkalines on Facebook:
    2. SHARE this post on Facebook:
    3. EMAIL your name (for use in the contest) to: [email protected]
    4. WATCH Category5 TV on Tuesday April 29th to see if you win!*
    * If you are unable to watch the show live, you can catch the show after the fact. Winner will need to submit their mailing address in order to have the prize shipped to them. Winner has 30 days to claim their prize at which point a re-draw will take place if the prize has not been claimed. Contest open to our global audience.
  • {play 49:52}Greetings to all our newly registered viewers!
  • {play 53:39}Viewer Question: I have just made the change from Windows to Linux. Do you think I need a firewall on Ubuntu? Some people say yes, others say it's not necessary, so I'm interested in your opinion.
    • Easy-to-use Firewall for Linux: UFW,
      Note: Robbie thought it USW was short for Ubuntu Firewall ... turns out it actually stands for "Uncomplicated Firewall", which says a lot for why this option may be best for a novice users. This also means it is not exclusive to Ubuntu, and in fact we found it in the Debian repositories, so it should also work on other distros such as Point Linux.
    • Advanced Firewall for Linux: CSF/LFD,
  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Kelsey Jensen



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