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Expand Your Raspberry Pi Storage

  • Episode 438
  • February 9, 2016

We'll take a look at the very first steps to setting up Raspbian Jessie Lite on your Raspberry Pi micro computer, including making sure Raspbian gives you access to the entire MicroSD card, not just the default 1.3GB.

Did you know that by default Raspbian will only give you a 1.3GB filesystem, even on your 16GB MicroSD card?

Yeah... neither did I. Until, that is, I had installed several packages, maxed out the storage, and corrupted the entire filesystem.

This week, I'll show you the tool that will let you use the entire capacity of your MicroSD card on the Raspberry Pi Debian-based Linux distro, Raspbian Jessie. Oh, and because ain't nobody got time for that, we'll expand that bad-boy in 1.60 seconds flat.

Hello, my name is Robbie. <-- Yeah, in about the same amount of time it took you to read that, you could have expanded your Raspbian filesystem.

On Week 12 of our 20 Weeks of GIMP Tips series, I'll show you how to move a house! This week's exercise will have you using layers, copying elements of photos to other photos, matching lighting and colorization, and doing some really neat magic with the swoop of your mouse and a large feathered edge.

We launched a brand new web site for The Pixel Shadow this past weekend (which has been on the air for 8 weeks already!) It even lets you add your own custom skin directly to our Minetest server and convert skins from Minecraft to the format used by Minetest which means there are billions of ready-to-use skins available to you! Make sure you take a look at Minetest.TV.

Big thanks to those who contributed a one-time donation this week to help us recover from an expensive month. We're still not there, not all the bills are paid, and we need your help. Of course, our ultimate goal is that Patreon will see more supporters and with power in numbers, all our expenses will be covered month-to-month. But as you know, we're not there yet. Please consider throwing a little something extra in the tip jar to support the show you love, coming to you faithfully each and every week for the past 438 weeks. And thank you for your continued faithful support of this volunteer organization. We're really looking forward to all we have in store for you this year!


  • Host: Robbie Ferguson



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