Build Your Own Retro Gaming Console with Raspberry Pi

  • S09E24
  • March 8, 2016

Let's use a Raspberry Pi 2 to build a retro gaming console with the ability to play games from every console from the Atari 2600 to the N64 and even Sony Playstation.

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The Show Must Go On

At 6:10 PM local time, LTE Internet service in the area of Studio D went down. We restarted the modem, we checked that the Yagi antenna's cable didn't get pinched in the heavy entrance door, but no success: the ISP was indeed down. After vainly attempting to bring it up, I decided (as I always do) the show must go on! While we regret this show could not be seen live, we recorded it to disk as if it were any other Tuesday night, and now, we present it to you on-demand. I try to look at the bright side of any situation... especially those entirely out of my control... so I turned to Jeff and said, "Well, at least our bandwidth bill will be cheaper this week!" -- It's true. And I guess it comes at a good time since last month's bandwidth bill was shockingly high. Internet returned to service on its own at around 8:25 PM while I was editing the show file, so the nice thing about it is I was able to include some assets which we otherwise didn't have access to (such as the photo of Hillary's baby).

Alright--on with the show!

This week, we took that Raspberry Pi 2 and turned it into a sweet little HDMI-connected Retro Gaming System! From Atari 2600 to Nintendo 64 and all the way up to the Playstation 1 (erroneously called PSX in the software), we've got emulators out the wazoo for all your retro gaming needs! You can even connect a PS3 controller over Bluetooth, which unfortunately we could not demonstrate only because we had no Internet for the drivers to download--an easy automated process.

So, enjoy the show! Thank you so much for your support of what we do. It means a lot, but it also sustains us. Bills have been high lately, and while we are nowhere close to our goal on Patreon (yet!) we appreciate the support of everyone who has thus far caught the vision, be it through Patreon, or our Tip Jar. You are making a difference, and we encourage you to continue. If you have the means to increase your support, or if you wish to supplement the regular support with a one time contribution to help us keep the bills paid, I'd really appreciate it. Can't wait to hit that goal!

- Robbie


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