Viewing Your Hard Drive's SMART Report on Linux

  • S10E22
  • February 15, 2017

We dive into the mailbag this week and answer your questions. Now that we've learned to image our hard drive to a file or other drive, it's time to learn what the next step is if ddrescue shows errors: the SMART report, which tells us if the drive is thought to be failing.

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Hey all! Hope you had a great week!

Jeff couldn't make it in this week, so it was Sasha and me bringing you the show from Studio D.

We had some great questions and comments from viewers arrive this week, so we wanted to tackle the mailbag and address some of those. One viewer asked us to expand on our feature from last week about testing hard drives with ddrescue... because when he did it, there were errors! So we show you how to use smartmontools to check if the drive is actually on its way out, or if it's just experiencing normal wear-and-tear.

We also had some great questions about mini drones... how to charge them, and why they always flip over on takeoff, and we'll address those questions too!

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