Mark Shuttleworth Speaks on The Future of Ubuntu

  • Episode 64
  • December 9, 2008

An interview with Ubuntu founder, Mark Shuttleworth. Robbie's favorite web site for desktop wallpaper. Announcing the winners of the Jawbone Bluetooth Giveaway.

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Topics Covered:

  • Is Category5.TV "just another Ubuntu support site"?
  • Robbie's Favorites:  InterfaceLIFT - a free place to get great desktop wallpaper for Windows, Linux and Mac computers.
  • Setting your desktop background to a new image in Mozilla Firefox.
  • Live Interview:     Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu Linux.
  • Why Mark Shuttleworth transitioned from being a successful entrepreneur to an astronaut, and then to a provider of a free operating system.
  • Who pays for Ubuntu and why do they go about doing it?  Mark Shuttleworth talks about examples such as Intel and Canonical and how the service-driven software industry differs from the sales-driven software industry.
  • What "Ubuntu" means to Mark Shuttleworth.
  • How users can become a part of the Ubuntu Linux community.
  • What makes Ubuntu Linux stand out from other Linux distributions and other operating systems.
  • With Ubuntu's focus on server, desktop and portable, what is going to be the focus with upcoming releases?
  • Mark talks about portable devices and Ubuntu Linux.
  • Viewer Question:  How long will it take for Ubuntu to go mainstream on the Desktop?
  • Ubuntu Linux - usable by Grandma.
  • What to look forward to with Ubuntu Linux "Jaunty", 9.10.  Mark Shuttleworth talks about using eye-candy to increase productivity.
  • Mark Shuttleworth discusses the difference between the proprietary software world and the free software world when it comes to software and application integration.
  • Improving productivity with Compiz-Fusion's cube.
  • Viewer Question:  What are your thoughts on the relationship between Ubuntu and Debian?
  • Mark Shuttleworth describes the relationship between Ubuntu and Debian.
  • Viewer Question:  I'm planning to get a few EeePC's.  I notice most of them come with Windows XP, but I'm an Ubuntu fan.  What would you choose?
  • Viewer Question:  I need a webcam-enabled chat software that works cross-platform on either Linux or Windows.  What do you recommend?
  • Viewer Question:  Any chance you could re-cast every week?
  • Viewer Question:  I downloaded a script that makes it really easy to rotate any photo in Nautilus.  After rotating a photo, Nautilus shows the photo rotated wrong.  What can I do?
  • Installing nautilus-image-converter
  • Viewer Comment:  Your ticker still says that you're Mark Shuttleworth.
  • Viewer Question:  Carrie, have you watched Heroes yet?
  • Viewer Question:  I got an email from myself, and it's been sent to everyone in my contact list.  I thought I couldn't get a virus in Ubuntu!  What's going on?
  • The dangers of using a Windows-based public computer to check Hotmail, Facebook and Yahoo type services.
  • Viewer Question:  How do you zoom in and out on Stellarium?
  • Viewer Question:  Can you get me moving on setting up my wireless in Ubuntu without having to use ndiswrapper?
  • Viewer Question:  A couple of my friends have lost their passwords on Hotmail and Yahoo by that trojan virus.  How can they get those accounts back?
  • Viewer Question:  I installed Ubuntu 8.04 and added a 1 TB hard drive.  When I upgraded to 8.10, it installed the entire OS on the larger drive and none of my compiz effects work.  Can you help me?
  • Installing proprietary video drivers in Ubuntu Linux.
  • Announcing the winners of the Jawbone Christmas Giveaway contest.
  • Viewer Comment:  Merry Christmas!
  • Viewer Question:  What is the MSRP on the Jawbone headset?
  • Viewer Question:  How do you mount a Windows drive on Ubuntu?  I need to retrieve files from my Windows drive.
  • Backing up your Windows files via the Ubuntu Linux live CD.
  • Viewer Comment:  The Windows drive will not mount for some reason.
  • Viewer Comment:  You can't mount the NTFS drive because it was not shut down cleanly.
  • Viewer Question:  Would you use ntfs-3g?
  • Viewer Question:  Where is the best place to find hardware that is 100% compatible with Linux?  Specifically, WLAN cards and graphics cards.
  • Viewer Comment:  I found that is good, but laptops can be a pain, and I can't find a UK site for Ubuntu.
  • Testing a laptop with Linux before you buy it.
  • Viewer Comment:  You don't need OpenGL in Linux.
  • Viewer Comment:  Tell them you can buy laptops with Ubuntu preinstalled from Dell.
  • Viewer Comment:  Try System 76 for Linux computers.
  • Viewer Question:  I love the way you can zoom in and talk about your desktop.  What application do you use, and will it work on KDE?
  • How Robbie uses Compiz-Fusion to screencast on Category5 Technology TV.
  • Next week's new feature: the behind the scenes camera!
  • Viewer Question:  Have you ever heard of Project Looking Glass?
  • Viewer Comment:  Beryl was a fork.
  • Viewer Question:  What is a thing on Compiz?
  • Greetz to the new members of the Category5.TV community.



Special thanks to our UK Correspondent, Alan Pope for setting up the interview with Mark Shuttleworth, as well as provisioning for the on-site camera at the Ubuntu Development Summit in California.

When using Quick Search in Synaptic, I called nautilus-image-converter "nautilus-image-rotator" by accident.  Ignore the error; you can type it in correctly:  nautilus-image-converter.

  • Host: Robbie Ferguson
  • Co-Host: Carrie Webb


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